Regardless of what happens on Thursday we all need a bit of a break and a bit of self care. We've collected some of the best deals going over the next few days for a bit of escapism. 

Aviator Bar

After work beer club, bring friends to celebrate or drown your sorrows

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Gin makes everything more bearable, that is a scientific fact

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Playground Coffee House

There is nothing more relaxing than gently swinging too and fro. Add a cocktail to the mix and numb yourself to the hubub of politics

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The Cauldron Restaurant

An absolute treat, head back to a time where food was cooked on fire and enjoy a juicy steak, succulent burger or brunch in this cosy St Werbergs resturant.

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Bordeaux Quay

Nothing can make you sad when you're tucking into tea and cake or a thick slab of beef. Admire the tranquil views whilst stuffing your face and forgot about the news.

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To The Moon

Booze and pies is the ultimate comfort if you ask us. Pick your poison, curl up in the corner and turn off your phone.

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Lost and Grounded Brewery

This brewery is a world away from the hectic, opinionated hot takes that will be all over the news and internet. Come and take a tour and learn how their beer is made then stay for a few bevvies, something to eat and ping pong. Glorious.

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Bristol Old Vic

If you can't get enough politics, Julius Caesar is probably the play for you. Get some historic culture in you for £5

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Moor Beer Company

If you left it too late to be an expert on politics and hung parliaments, pop to Moor and try some fabulous beers and pretend to be an expert in brewing instead.

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No.4 Clifton Village

Swanky two course meal at a great price. Perfect setting to discuss something other than party polices

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Bar Buvette

Gooey cheese toasties and wine to be enjoyed in French surroundings. Pretend you're on holiday.

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Published -7th June 2017