Most renowned for its electronic music nights, the real underground scene in Bristol comes in the form of its guitar bands. Local label Breakfast Records talk here about their forthcoming Halloween show at new Clifton pizza bastion The White Rabbit.

Whilst Bristol has always had a great live music milieu, in recent years it has really come into it’s own. It seems like every week you discover a rad new band who’ve started out. My friends and I started Breakfast Records with the intention of fanning these flames, as it's something we've all been involved with for years, and something that's very close to our hearts / eardrums. We only started out back in April, but we've already built a huge network of support. Our first All-Dayer at the White Rabbit was a serious riot, and the highlight of the summer for us. It was drunken, delicious and a little delirious. Our forthcoming Halloween party there is set to be equally rambunctious, with The White Rabbit again offering up pizza aplenty and beer galore. They’re also going to be selling some sort of ‘Blood Punch’, which I’ve been assured is more rum than blood, and we’ll be running a fancy dress competition, with the winner receiving a free pizza and a copy of our newest compilation, Breakfast #2. Think spooky.
We’ve got an amazing mix of acts, including the wonderful witticisms of local 'crap-rap' champion Chuman, Brighton psych-rock-kings Strange Cages and hot property Willie J Healey, the original cool dude of Oxfordshire surf rock. There’s twelve diverse acts in total, an absolute feast for your earholes.

Necronomicon: The Line Up Poster for the All-Day Event

Whilst studying in Oxford we made friends with the folks at The White Rabbit at their original stronghold there, and were stoked to hear that they were opening up a Bristol branch. When we got in touch back in the summer to see if they might be game to host our All-Day Breakfast Party, they were super keen to be involved. They'd been putting on live music shows at their flagship in Oxford for years and were eager to do something similar here. I think they were enthusiastic to be a part of Bristol's subculture, and accommodating our eclectic selection of local musicians was the perfect opportunity for them to do so. With the rebranding (read: closure) of more and more music venues around the UK, including Bristol's own Start the Bus, it's important for promoters and labels to think outside the box and to keep putting on shows in radical spaces like the White Rabbit.

Published -26th October 2016