It’s cold outside. What better reason to snuggle up in a dark room and stuff yourself with popcorn? Luckily, Bristol has a whole load of great screenings this month, including a 24-hour monster movie marathon, an anime classic and the premiere of a Bristol-filmed remake of POINT BREAK! Diaries at the ready.


Missed last year’s Watershed screening? That’s understandable – the tickets sold out within 24 hours. Luckily for you, the Cube’s screening this 80’s cult classic for three whole nights – 21st, 23rd and the 24th of November. OK so this event has officially sold out of advance tickets – but there will be a small number available on the door.

Based on a 2000-odd page graphic novel, Akira follows Kaneda and his biker gang through the streets of a sprawling post-apocalyptic neo Tokyo. Each hand-drawn frame is bubbling with energy and style: skyscrapers tower above the streets, motorcycles hurtle into the darkness to a pulsing soundtrack, their headlights leaving neon trails through the dark. If you’re new to anime, or thought it was just cartoon schoolgirls, then give this a try, It’ll change your mind. Just make sure you get there early to secure yourself a ticket!

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2. Trumpocalypse

Like Monster movies? How about bad ones? For 24 hours straight? Ti Singh (Bristol Bad Film Club) and a handful of masochistic film folk are subjecting themselves to 24 hours of bad monster movies – all in the name of charity.

Why monster movies? Well, in Ti’s own words: “In the 1950s giant monsters came to symbolise the fears of the age be it communism, atomic power or a genuine fear of giant crabs. Now that a large orange dinosaur is in charge of nuclear launch codes, we felt it would be appropriate. Plus these films often feature some sort of monster grabbing women…” The Trumpocalypse movie marathon takes place on the 26th November from 12pm at the Hare Public House in Bedminster to raise money for individuals that could be threatened by Trump’s presidency. Race Equality First, End Violence Against Women (EVAW), and Stonewall. Head along for the whole 24 hour ride – or drop by for a creature feature or two.

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3. Blue Collar

Don’t miss the opportunity to catch this massively underrated 70s gem on the big screen. Starring Richard Pryor in a rare acting part, Blue Collar follows the working and personal lives of three Detroit car factory workers (Prior, Harvey Keitel and Yaphet Kotto).

Fed up with their useless union, the three buddies clumsily plan a robbery of the union headquarters. They make a discovery that puts them way out of their league, and the trio are gradually torn apart by rivalry and paranoia. Directed by Paul Schrader, this raw snapshot Detroit factory life is brought to life by the three star’s brilliant performances. This screening is presented by Presented by Come the Revolution in partnership with Ujima Radio  as part of BFI Black Star month. Catch it on the 27th November at The Watershed.

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4. Train to Busan

If you’re a fan of full-throttle gore-splattered zombie flicks, then this’ll be right up your street. A mysterious viral outbreak has sent South Korea into a state of emergency. Meanwhile, a group of passengers, including a workaholic father and his daughter, fight their way through a crazed zombie-infested Bullet train headed to Busan.

This stylish Korean zombie thriller from Director Yeon Sang-ho (The King of Pigs) received a standing ovation at Cannes this year. It keeps the thrills coming thick and fast, while cleverly critiquing the country’s class system. And you thought over-full First Great Western trains were stressful! Catch it at the Watershed on the 19th to the 20th November.

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5. Project UTAH

Liked the classic surfing heist movie that is Point Break?  Then you’ll love Project Utah, Bristol’s very own no-budget remake! Catch the premiere in all its glory on the big screen – for one night only. Expect West Country accents, wigs and tequila in the bar. Doors open at 7.30 on the 25th November. The film starts at 8, and the DJ’ll be spinning bodacious surfing tunes well into the night.

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Published -19th November 2016