Andy Norman is a man. A man who at the start of 2016 did something that no-one else I know has ever done - made a new years resolution and kept to it. He decided to take 100 pictures of Bristol on 100 different days to capture what the city is about. We caught up with him, stole a few of his photos and asked him what he loves about the city he lives in. 

I moved to Bristol in 2001 and I'm still convinced it's one of the best cities on the planet. It's got an amazing mix of everything you could want in a large city, whilst still retaining the feeling of community and connection I believe is lacking in a lot of other large cities in the UK. The music scene is incredible, I've lost count of the number of venues and festivals I've been to and the bands and artists I've seen in Bristol.

Eating out is as good as anywhere I've been with any cuisine you can think of catered for and in my experience usually super tasty. There are what feels like an infinite number of excellent pubs and bars for all your booze related needs. Bristol manages to do this whilst at the same time remaining photogenic at every turn. 

I was bitten by the photography bug travelling SE Asia but I'm just as inspired walking the streets of Bristol as I am by the beaches of Thailand, jungles of Borneo or mountains of Vietnam. There's the waterfront and docks that on a sunny summers day can make you feel like you're far from the middle of a city. The beautiful countryside up around Ashton Court along with all the other the parks and green spaces in Bristol. Brunel's hugely impressive suspension bridge. Loads of historic architecture. Gloucester Road lined on either side by tons of brilliant independent shops, restaurants and bars. Street art around every corner. I could go on.

I spend an excessive amount of the time I'm outside of Bristol telling anyone in earshot, whether they like it or not, that Bristol is amazing and they need to come here! So far no one who's listened to me and has visited the city has ever called me a liar. 

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Published -1st November 2016