A huge Wriggle welcome to our prospective Post-grads! We know how it goes: you're thinking about going back to school but, if you're honest with yourself, that whole 'living in squalor and drinking cheap beer' thing has worn off. Well, fear not! We've stuck together a bucket list of lush places for you to eat, drink and be merry in (either when you visit for the Postgrad Open Fair or once you start being all clever in our lovely city). Wallet friendliness guaranteed, a joy to discover, and not a dive bar in sight.

Check back closer to the open day on 22nd November 2017 and there'll be foodie guide pages for you to peruse, vids to whet your whistle and maybe some exclusive deals for you to enjoy and maybe - just maybe - some special Wriggle credit so that you can have a bite to eat on us...

Brunch & Coffee

It's a trope but it's true: you function better after a good breakfast. We love a bit of eggs and bacon here and highly recommend Neck Of The Woods for a good start to the day. serving hearty but healthy breakfasts, this one is less than £4 for good measure. Working centrally? For a beautiful view over your laptop and latte, the infamous Mud Dock is your best port of call. There aren't that many places you can wolf down a full English whilst waving whimsically at houseboats. 

Only time for a coffee and a snack to take away? We get it and so do the quite amazing Epiphany cafe in the RWA. Drag your study buddy in for coffee and cake for two, and feel super smug for having found the best coffee on the Triangle. 


Bringing your own lunch in is, of course, a great way to save those precious pennies - but, with a lot of our exclusive Wriggle deals coming in at less that a fiver, you can afford a treat every so often! 

A massive Wriggle mid-day-fave is Five Grains, offering meaty or veggie filled Lebanese flatbreads, fruit smoothies and juices to quench that hunger and feed your brain-cells. Those wanting something a bit more warming would be wise to head to the gorgeous Wapping Wharf and discover Lovett's Pie Palace for a pie, side and sauce. One of our favourites is the cauliflower cheese and chorizo with bubble and squeak and lashings of gravy. Special mention to Falafel King on Cotham Hill for a super filling lunch of falafel wrap or salad box with a homemade lemonade. Very filling! 


We have a dinner option to suit everyone, from those that need to nab a quick bite before heading out to someone with a little extra moolah to spend. If you love pizza then we can recommend a few stellar options - including 51 Stokes Croft in Stokes Croft, Pizzarova on Gloucester Road and G Brothers in Easton. A good curry is a crowd pleaser and we adore Chai Pani and their early evening Biryani meal deal. One of the best burger places in Bristol is possibly Asado on Park Row and you'll be very excited to hear that they have an entire meal and drink on offer for less than a tenner. Running late to lectures? Students and professionals love Burger Joint on Whiteladies Road. With Kangaroo, Venison and Wild Boar on their "build your own behemoth of a burger" menu, a bite to eat here will see you right. 


You are allowed to let your hair down once in a while, but you don't want to spend your hard earned evenings surrounded by freshers... do you? Moor Beer is one of Bristol's best-loved breweries and they have a fantastic taproom where, it just so happens, you can enjoy five 1/3s of their incredible beer and talk to the guys and girls who make it. If cocktails are more your jam then To The Moon is a great place to unwind and even do a light bit of 2nd hand shopping (thrift always fits better after two Espresso Martinis, anyway...). Not ready to go home? Urban Standard offer a very reasonable deal on two drinks before you hit the hay, too. 

Published -23rd October 2017