The greatest things come in twos. 

Wriggle and fresh-range are partnering up to help you discover the best, beautiful food from independent producers in Bristol and Bath. We promise this to be the freshest foodie partnership in the city right now.

Fresher produce means better produce. fresh-range source the freshest produce direct from the best independent grocers, fishermen and bakers in Bristol and Bath. Supporting local independents is what Wriggle does best, so the blossoming of this partnership was as organic as you like. 

With a choice of over 100 local producers - from farmers and fishermen, to award winning makers and bakers, Wrigglers can enjoy local and unique food shopping, delivered in sustainable packaging (they use cool British sheep's wool lining in their boxes) to their door up to 3 times a week. This will also establish food security for generations to come for our great city.

At Wriggle, we want you to discover the best food and drink in the city. Working with fresh-range will open up the Wrigglesphere to a new cohort of independent retailers and small businesses. As Chief Wriggler Rob Hall explained, "It makes perfect sense. At Wriggle, we like to see people discover the best places in Bristol to eat the very best food. fresh-range bring the best food straight to you at your door. Together, we can encourage people to eat well, wherever they are, whatever the time of day." 

Get your appetite going and have a gander at the fresh-range website to see what they have in store. Look out for special offers on Wriggle to grab yourself a boxed bundle of goodness. 

Published -17th January 2017