At a time when the world seems to be going crazy, we enjoyed a brunch that brought people together again. 

Ceres smashed their opening brunch like they smash their avocado. Almost 100 Wrigglers went cuckoo over the food, us included, and it was incredible. In fact, it was so bloomin' delicious, we went back on Sunday for more.

We really love to big-up independents. With a repeat Wriggle-brunch bonanza this

 weekend at Ceres, we thought we'd share this beautiful place. 

As you all poured through the doors, and dishes were spread across tables, it was apparent that Ceres was delivering something special. Daniel Ingram runs this joint - a crackin' guy who put his heart and soul into the operation. 

The smashed avocado came in chunky dollops, piled upon thick toasted sourdough, topped with melting poached eggs and soft marinated feta. The pancakes were our personal highlight, thick and floury, and covered in a unique combo of coconut yoghurt, Oreo cookie crumble, and lashings of salty caramel.  

Many of you managed to hold-off on scoffing food long enough to fill your Instagram feed!

Ceres is named after a Roman goddess. Sure enough, we’ve found ourselves worshiping their divine, delicious dishes. You could just take our word for it, or you could head over this weekend and try it out for yourself. 

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