Just when we thought Bristol's fantastic food scene couldn't possibly get any better, we were proven wrong. So very wrong.

Arrising in a scenic (yet previously desolate) harbourside spot, Whapping Wharf promised to offer gastronomic experiences beyond our dreams. We heard whisperings of fancy world cuisine, Michelin star chefs, and independent eateries unlike any other. Twitter exploded, bloggers went mental, and epicureans hoped to God they'd get their fill of gourmet food. 

The verdict of Whapping Wharf? All this, and much more. It's become Bristol's sleekest stretch of restaurants, with a side of classy shops. The arrival of the CARGO shipping containers, playing hosting to various independent eateries, has expanded the offering beyond any desire. There's even a CARGO 2 near completion. 

We Wriggled on over (as we regularly do) to get exclusive access to the experts behind the fine food, the fancy flowers, and the sweetest artisan cider in Bristol. From gooey scotch eggs at Pigsty and Phil's fantastic pies at Lovett, to hot fried dishes at Chicken Shed and fresh fish in crisp batter at Wild Beer, we got it all on tape. The baristas at Little Victories impressed us with freehand latte pouring, Mokoko's cakes made us salivate, and Woky Ko fired up our afternoon. We even got into BOX-E for some beautiful shots of charred deliciousness.

Take your fill of ultimate food porn below. You're welcome. 

Published -22nd February 2017