Bristol Food Connections is back this June with their city-wide, week-long festival. From the 11th - 17th June they'll be celebrating all that's great about Bristol food – and we all know that there's plenty to celebrate! Wriggle are delighted to be ticketing this year's festival, but we need YOUR input!

Do you have an event idea that you'd love to see come to life? Bristol Food Connections are encouraging everyone from the Bristol food community to come together to co-create the festival; the events which will happen depend entirely on YOU, the people of Bristol. The closing date for putting forward ideas is Friday 16th February 2018. Head to the Bristol Food Connections website which will tell you everything you need to know about how to get your event in motion. Alternatively, give the team a call on 01179 276 350 – they’re a friendly bunch and will be happy to talk through any ideas with you personally.

BFC want to reach every nook and cranny of Bristol, from the inner-city back streets to the farms and food producers of the surrounding countr­yside, in a true celebration of our food's journey from farm to fork. This year’s festival explores the theme of TIME, questioning how time affects our eating patterns, delving into the traditions of mealtimes and special feasting times, experiencing food of the past and examining how our food will look into the future. There will be time to enjoy fast food or slow food, consider how we can better eat with the changing seasons, and scrutinise how transportation times impact our diet. Above all there will be time to cook, time to eat, and most importantly time for each other. 

Bristol Food Connections is a truly wonderful opportunity to shine a light on all that is amazing about the Bristol food scene – we can’t wait to see how you all interpret this year’s theme, and check out all the amazing events! 

Published -9th February 2018