This January a new project brings Bristol’s independent comedy scene together in one community calendar. Bristol is a bustling center for live comedy, with over 20 different nights running across the city you would be hard pushed to not find something you like. New group "The Kettle" hopes to bring these nights together in an easy to use calendar so you can easily find your laughs.

The Kettle was created by Bristol comedians Jo Duncan,  David Hoare and Tony Chiotti with the project being supported by several local promoters and comedians, who help keep the calendar up-to-date. "We kept hearing from audience members that they couldn’t find good comedy local to where they lived,” said David Hoare. “The thing is, Bristol has loads of amazing comedy nights, so we decided to put it all in one place. The Kettle is there to help promoters and punters realise how much is going on, and hopefully get people to try something new.” 

Are you guilty of only venturing out to see a known TV comedian? Why not try something new? With well-established local nights, such as 'How Lazy is He?’ at the Lazy Dog pub, to new and exciting events like Mark Olver’s ‘Belly Laughs,’ The Kettle can help you can find what’s happening in Bristol’s comedy scene.

You can reach The Kettle on Facebook or Twitter, subscribe to the Newsletter, eyeball their Website and have a nice chat via their email

Pic credit to Bristol Underground Comedy

Published -9th January 2018