If there's one thing that you can count on at Christmas time, it's that in most households, the board games will come out in force. There'll probably be a lot of laughs, and most definitely the odd tantrum from an overly-invested family member, too (takes one to know one...). That said, the same old games can get a little tiresome, particularly when you know for a fact that half of the property cards in your raggedy old Monopoly set are missing. Wriggle consulted with team behind the legendary Bristolian board game café, Chance & Counters, and got the lowdown on some of the best (and most infuriating) games to play this Christmas. Nestled at the foot of the charming Christmas Steps, Chance & Counters has got over 600 different games to choose from, so you can rest assured that the team's collective encyclopaedic knowledge means there's something for everybody. 

'Because turning over tiles is like a mini version of opening presents. If more people bought warp drives and laser cannons as presents.' (Mark Donnell, Games Guru)

'Careers advice crossed with perfectly pitched punchlines. Considerably more enjoyable than having another conversation with auntie Marcy about your future employment prospects.' (Dicky Duerden, Head of Games).

'An epic mash up of Chinese whispers and dirty drawing. Perfect for adults who just want to have a laugh this Christmas when the kids are in bed.' (Tom Robson, Kitchen Manager).

'A great interactive bluffing game. Because nothing says Christmas like pretending you can fly an airship, crashing it and watching your whole family perish.' (Mish Scott, Assistant Manager). 

'A trivia game where you don't need to know anything to win - you can score points by guessing who got the answer right, and reinvest your points betting on future questions. Super fun family game, and the trivia master among you isn't guaranteed to win.' (Tristan Brightman, Games Guru).

'An excellent worker placement game, absolutely sodden through with steampunk goodness. Also features war bears, if you needed any more convincing.' (Dan Kaye, Front of House).

'A great entry level game with endless possibilities for future presents in the form of mini expansions. Buy it for someone, then play it with them this Christmas.' (Greg Phillips, Front of House).

'This one's a guaranteed hit, no matter how many glasses of fizz you've enjoyed. It's like Connect 4, but 5. That's literally all your festive brain has to remember.' (Steve Cownie, co-owner).

'Work off that Christmas dinner with a gruelling race around this famous Tour de France stage. Warning: pushing cardboard around may not actually burn calories.' (Richard Scarsbrook, co-owner).

'Ever fancied building a tower of cards with super powered animals fighting each other on it? Now you can. This one is the great leveller, fun for all ages!' (Luke Neal, co-owner).

So, which game tickles your pickle? Let us know if you've got any other amazing games that you always reach for – we'd love to share them with our Wrigglers! 

Published -8th December 2018