Rollin' Vietnamese have settled into their new home in the arcade at Broadmead, pleasing workers looking for a speedy feed at lunch, tired shoppers wanting something less obvious than a cafe sandwich or fast food bite and those needing a quick feed before heading to a gig or cinema outing. But what about everyone else? For those of us that can't get to the Arcade, Rollin' Vietnamese will come to you. 

To take advantage of this work day treat, you call Rollin' Vietnamese before 11am in the morning, order your food and either pay over the phone or on delivery with cash. Pick the time you wish for it to turn up and you're done! The food will be delivered to your office boxed up with cutlery should you require it. 

So what are your options? Pick from; 

Banh Mi - A Vietnamese baguette with a choice of meat or veggie fillings

Goi Cuon (Summer Roll) - Rice paper rolls packed with vermicelli, carrots, cucumber, beansprout and herbs and a choice of meat or veggie fillings and dipping sauce.

Bun Bo Hue - Spicy noodles soup served with beansprout, fresh herbs and chilies and your choice of beef, prawn or chicken addition.

Bun (Vermicelli Rice salad) vermicelli served with vegetables, fresh herbs, pickles, peanuts and dressed with nuoc mam with a choice of meat or veggie fillings 

Of course we at Wriggle had to be the first to give it a go and ordered enough food to feed the 12 or so in the oven. We decided to try a bit of everything for the full experience, plus we are a hungry group! 

Everything that showed up was freshly made and smelled heavenly! The Banh mi were packed with swet and tangy pickled veg and succulent BBQ chicken. We had a selection of summer rolls that were complimented by the zingy dipping sauces, the prawn ones were popular as well as the tofu. The gelatinous rice wrapper was delicious and we enjoyed the difference in texture to what we were used to when it came to East Asian rolls. The soup packed a punch and turned up at the perfect slurping temperature and a generous amount of fixings. Finally the Bun salad was the crowd pleaser. A fresh salad with the perfect balance of sweetness from the pickles and peanuts, savoury from the herbs and umami from the nuoc mam. Absolutely brilliant and we want the recipe! 

There is a minimum order required for free delivery of £40, call Rollin' Vietnamese on 0117 431 1093 to order your office lunch asap! 

Published -27th April 2018