Food bloggers are everywhere right now, making their mark and influencing the food scene. There are some that we should all be sitting up and taking notice of, who have honed their craft and are producing top content, honest food reviews and some gorgeous photography. 

Life Less Organised 

Food news, food and reviews! Shonette rounds up the what's what in Bristol so you can sort your month out ahead of time with where to go and what to eat. Writing lists for the best places to spend your money split into food genres (Best Roasts, Best Brunches) and running some of the best events in Bristol including Let Me Tell You A Story Jack  and Rumageddon, she's earned her place as one of the best known bloggers in Bristol. 

Bristol Eating Adventures

Abby and husband Rich have been running Bristol Eating Adventures for longer than the average Bristol blog. Way back when Bristol had only two or so Burger places to it’s name and the Milk Thistle was still a glint in the milkman’s eye. Guaranteed an honest and unbiased review of all kinds of places in Bristol, old and new. A relaxed style of writing without being in ya face, you’ll find a huge wealth of content on their blog and come away with a list of recommendations as long as your arm. On occasion, Abby also writes for Wriggle.

Stuffed 265 

Natalie of Stuffed 265 fame is best known for burgers and booze (I'm sure she won't mind me saying that either!). Blasting onto the blogging scene only a year or so ago she has attracted quite the reputation for eating good food and giving good chat. She knows how to photograph dirty grub and can sink a few negronis whilst doing it. Browse the blog for up coming events, reviews of the best places to eat and a look at Exeter eating, her hometown. Natalie also writes for Wriggle 

Bristol Bites

The definitive blog for all things food in Bristol, Emily has been in the blogging game since coming to Bristol in 2010 which snowballed into her site being one of the best known and most trusted sites in the city and beyond. Also a successful freelance writer, she's juggling great, honest reviews, covering new openings and event round ups. Possibly the hardest working woman in food blogging! 

With Mustard

She's a dab hand with a phone camera and after eschewing the more traditional blog format, moving instead to Instagram and Twitter, With Mustard is documenting her eating habits across the city beautifully. Also running the immensely popular Eat Your Words pop up, which gathers every few months in some of Bristol's best restaurants to discuss classic cookbooks and try the recipes therein. With Mustard is also a great believer in the lightening emoji.

Lily Doble 

With a blog that covers everything from fashion to food, this girl knows how to live well but without an ounce of pretentiousness. Often dabbling with a plant based diet, always providing witty content, beautiful photography and ideas for things to do and eat, you'd do well to add this cropped blogger to your RSS feed.  

PX and Tarts 

I'm sure Chris would be loathed to be referred to as a blogger after a conversation I had with him in a car two years ago heading to a nose to tail eating event, but quite frankly the man knows his stuff. Posting gorgeous photos with succinct reviews and never shying away from being brutally honest, this is the guy to follow if you like hot takes on last nights dinner. 

Bedsit Bonne Vivante 

Recipes, reviews and adventures on her new allotment, Charlie enjoys sharing her failures as well as her successes. Started when she was living in a bedsit with only a hotplate and a microwave to her name, she focuses on the places and recipes to indulge in when money can sometimes be tight. Her writing is very true to her voice and conjures up the feeling that you're having a chat over a pint about where the best places to spend your hard earned dollar are. She is also the creator of Bristol Pudding Society .


Can hardly write about the best food blogs in Bristol without talking about ourselves, we're not shy. Covering everything from pizza to burgers to beer and everything in between. We love talking about food and who's serving it so if you have a food story you want shared, get in touch! 

Published -29th March 2018