Running since 1977,  The Bristol Ferry Boat Company has been taking people back and forth between the City Centre, Hotwells and Temple Meads for 40 years. Most of us use it for the odd day trip or a great way to hit some of the nicest harbourside pubs in Bristol. But, did you know, they also run a commuter service? Here are 5 reasons you should ditch the bus and jump on the ferry instead. 

It's possibly the best commuter route in the UK

The views, the speed, the easy going, relaxing sounds of water lapping up the sides of the ferry. Get off the smelly bus, save your legs and go by boat. 

Its really easy to catch. 

Get to Hotwells, City Centre or Temple Meads and get on. All locations have busy, smelly roads running alongside you, give your lungs a break. 

You're sorted come rain or shine 

The weather has been gorgeous of late, you can't (safely) top up your tan, update instagram and read through those work notes sitting on a bus or pounding the pavement. The boats have outside and inside areas so should the sky open, you won't get wet. 

They start as early as you do

First ferries kick off at 07:15 and with no traffic, you know they'll be on time (unlike some bus companies we could mention...)

The Instagram Likes 

The harbourside is arguably one of the most striking areas of Bristol. With views of the bridge, SS Great Britain, Clifton Wood houses and Castle Park, there is ample opportunity for that perfect Instagram shot. Take advantage whilst the water is quiet and perfect that insta story 

Find The Bristol Ferry Boat commuter timetable here, the brilliant Twitter account here, Facebook here and a link to their weekends 40th birthday bash here

Published -25th May 2017