Ticket for shows at the Alma Tavern Theatre, Bristol's longest running pub theatre, are now being managed by the Alma's bookings/ticketing partner, Wriggle. Browse the Alma Tavern Theatre's upcoming shows below - and purchase directly through Wriggle. 

 If you have any questions regarding a booking, please call the Wriggle team on 0117 325 8535.

The Scandalous Love of Oscar Wilde, 15th - 18th Oc @ 8pm 

It is 6th April 1895 and Oscar Wilde waits alone for the knock on the door that will bring an arrest warrant for the charges of Gross Indecency against him. This exciting one man show allows Oscar the freedom to talk openly about his relationships with men, the failing relationship with his wife and his enduring love for the destructive but beautiful Lord Alfred ‘Bosie’ Douglas. 

All prices include a £1 admin charge

Full Price Tickets - £10

Consession Tickets (Students & over 60's) - £8

Instant Wit! The Best in Improvised Comedy 20th Oct & 15th Dec @ 8.00pm 

Fresh and inventive, each show throws up new nuggets of hilarity crafted by a company of the highest calibre. It's a pick-me-up tonic with unexpected twists and a dash of sauce. There'll be sketches, songs and general silliness - and all of it based around audience suggestions. And if you're too shy to shout anything out? Well don't worry, you'll have the chance to write things down in the interval. We're the ones who'll look daft, not you! 

All prices include a £1 admin charge

Full Price Ticket - £11

Little Gem 22nd - 27th Oct @ 8pm (7.30pm showing on Monday)

Love, sex, birth, death and salsa classes. Three generations of women. One extraordinary year. 

 Amber – just out of school, enjoys life, double sambucas and boyfriend Paul. Then the “indigestion” starts. 

Lorraine – attacks a customer at work and now sees a ‘head doctor’. She’s told to do one nice thing for herself each week – so salsa classes it is! 

Kay – finds life frustrating; her husband Gem is ailing and she’s missing more than his conversation! 

All prices include a £1 admin charge

Full Price Tickets - £11

This is a special intimate solo performance with a post-show talk. Rowan Rheingans is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, writer and composer best known for her work with folk bands Lady Maisery and The Rheingans Sisters. With these projects, Rowan has won two BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards ('Best Original Track' & 'Best Album') and is a five-times nominee. 

Be amongst the first to hear Rowan’s solo material and take part in a post-show talk which will further influence the development of the piece.

All prices include a £1 admin charge

Full Price Tickets - £9

The Blue Bird 29th & 30th Oct @ 12pm & 2.30pm

A show for 4-11 year olds and their families. One wintery evening Tyltyl wakes to find a hump-back figure in his bedroom. She is obviously a fairy. Tyltyl must find the bluebird that makes people happy. And he must do so before morning. 

All prices include a £1 admin charge

12pm Full Price Ticket (Adults) - £8.50

12pm Concession Ticket (Kids) - £6.50

2.30pm Full Price Ticket (Adults)- £8.50

2.30pm Concession Ticket (Kids) - £6.50 

Murder Mystery on the SS Great Britain 30th Oct - 3rd Nov @ 8pm

The SS Great Britain is being sent out on its final voyage before returning to its home-town of Bristol. 

Of all people on board, four are held accountable when world renowned author Jeremy Weeks is murdered at the very start of the journey. Who dunnit?? Well, that part is over to you this Halloween.

All prices include a £1 admin charge

Full Price Tickets - £11

Concession Tickets (Students & over 60s) - £9

The Anniversary 7th - 10th Nov @ 8pm

Two of three sons have something important to tell Mum. Their problem is how and when to deliver their news – that is, if they can muster the bravery needed to tell her at all - because Mum, evil, malevolent and fanatically domineering, is used to getting her own way and intends to keep her world intact at any cost... 

All prices include a £1 admin charge

Full Price tickets - £12

 The Glass Menagerie 13th - 24th Nov @ 8pm & 2pm Matinee

Abandoned by her husband, Amanda Wingfield comforts herself with recollections of her earlier life when she was pursued by all men who saw her. Tom, suffocated by his mother's loneliness, escapes their cramped apartment for a movie theatre every night to immerse himself in adventures never taken. 

Laura, the shy and crippled daughter, has only her glass menagerie of animals and her memories. Desperate to find her daughter a husband, Amanda forces Tom to invite a 'gentleman caller' for dinner, but when the gentleman arrives the fragile dreams of all three are shattered with consequences they may never escape. 

All prices include a £1 admin charge

Full Price Tickets (8pm)- £13

Concession Tickets (Students & over 60s) (8pm) - £11

Full Price Tickets, 2pm Matinee - £13 

Concession Tickets (Students & over 60s) 2pm Matinee- £11

DNA 26th - 27th Nov @ 2pm & 7pm

Award-winning Quirky Bird Theatre brings you Dennis Kelly's DNA, a tale of darkness, loyalty and murder. Performed by members of the company's Young Actors Apprenticeship, this production has been on tour since September and received outstanding feedback from audience members as part of it's school's tour. 

All prices include a £1 admin charge

Full Price Ticket 2pm - £13.50

Full Price Ticket 7pm - £13.50

Blokes What I Have Known 28th Nov - 1st Dec @ 8pm

Barmaid Marie-Claire encounters Sue from Bristol at the Pines Hotel. Off to Greece for a dirty weekend with a new bloke, Sue dumbfounds Marie-Claire with hilarious but disastrous tales of some of the blokes what she has known. Guaranteed that every woman knows at least one of these blokes! Starring Helen Stirling and Deborah Meredith 


All prices include a £1 admin charge

Full Price Tickets - £14

Christmas Comedy Cabaret 3rd Dec @ 8.00pm

The Bard of Windmill Hill received a Best Show Award this year for ‘How the West Was Lost’. He was Bristol Storyteller of the Year in 2014 and is the only poet ever to have won this competition. He was poet in residence and co-organiser of the popular Bristol variety show Lansdown Cabaret for eleven years. His ‘Word Wizard Cabarets’ have featured at various venues including the Colston Hall.

All prices include a £1 admin charge

Full Price Tickets - £10

Consession Tickets (Students * over 60s) - £8

Baba Yaga 4th - 7th Dec @ 8pm

From a young age, Ilisa was warned about the woods and the dangers that lurk within. Forced into the forest one day, Ilisa goes in search of Baba Yaga, the social outcast who rules the woodland and is infamous for chasing children through the trees in her house on chicken legs. 

 Baba Yaga tells Ilisa that in order to survive, she must complete three challenges which will lead to her freedom. What Ilisa does not know is that these challenges will reveal to her what freedom really means. 

All prices include a £1 admin charge

Full Price Tickets - £9

Consession Tickets (Students & Over 60s) - £7

'Tis Pity She's a Whore 10th - 14th December  8pm (7.30pm showing on Monday) 

When Giovanni confesses his love for his sister Annabella, they begin a tumultuous relationship that looks doomed from the outset and, when their family find out their secret, their fate is sealed. John Ford's classic play is brought to life by Bristol's very own OOOH ARRR Productions.

All prices include a £1 admin charge

Full Price Tickets - £12

Consession Tickets (Students & Over 60s) £10

Fat Shirley's; A Trailer Park Opera 18th - 22nd December 8pm 

Fat Shirley returns to the Alma Tavern and Theatre and She is Bigger Than Ever! After a three year absence from Bristol, 'Fat Shirley's; A Trailer Park Opera' once again brings her simple story about an American trailer park community to the city. Colourful characters paint a comedic picture in the true operatic sense focusing on love, loss, grief and betrayal. This bluegrass musical debuted at the Alma in 2008 and continues to be performed by the only bluegrass theatre company in the UK. It is a unique show that has delighted festival and theatre audiences over 6 years and continues to attract more fans.Strung together with hilarious songs provided by Bristol bluegrass/americana band The Hogranch, Fat Shirley's will keep you smiling long after the trailer park residents have said "Good night y'all".

Full price evening tickets – £12

Concession evening tickets – £10

Full price matinee tickets – £12

Concession matinee tickets – £10

Transgression 27th December 8pm

It is time to count your sins. It is 2040, and society is in chaos. There is more disparity than the world has ever seen but with the arrival of a certain messianic figure the public starts to imagine there might be some hope again.

Secular society soon begins to feel like a distant memory as the government begins to criminalise withholding information on previous religious transgressions; forcing Beth and Rob, a previously stable couple, to tell each other their darkest and most disturbing secrets... 

All prices include a £1 admin charge

Full Price Tickets - £11

Consession Tickets (Students & over 60s) - £8

Published -11th October 2018