A brand new zero waste cafe has just opened down in a quiet corner of Bristol's harbourside, with the oh-so-fabulous name of The Vegetable Diva

The brains behind the Vegetable Diva is the lovely Sonya, a talented lady who recently qualified with a BSc in Nutrition and an Msc in Public Health from the University of Bristol. Sonya, pictured below, grows her own produce on a small setup over in Somerset, and set up the Vegetable Diva with the aim of sparking a passion among Bristolians for home-cooked, freshly made veggie food. 

The big goals don't stop there though; oh no. At the Vegetable Diva, Sonya also operates a strict zero waste philosophy across all aspects of the cafe, testing the creative mettle of her chefs. There's no doubt that they'll be up for the job though: their CVs collectively include stints at the legendary Gallimaufry on Gloucester Road and Pinkman's – one of Bristol's best loved spots. At the Vegetable Diva, they'll be cooking up a range of vegetable-based hot soups and comforting dishes, as well as salads and breakfast treats, perfect for grabbing before work.

At the Vegetable Diva, every single item for sale is packaging free. To enjoy a tasty, freshly cooked veggie meal here you'll need to either bring your own container (the perfect opportunity to use your Wriggle lunchbox!), or rent or buy one from the cafe itself. If you haven't brought your own container, why not pick up one of the stylish, cost effective tiffins or dabbas – metal lunchboxes that were handcrafted in Ahmedabad, Western India, where Sonya has family. 

It's not only fresh food on offer, though: you can also take along your own jars, tupperware or other containers to fill up on pulses, nuts, grains and other store cupboard staples. 

The Vegetable Diva comes hot on the heels of a brilliant trend for waste free shops in Bristol. As well as longstanding institutions such as Scoopaway on Gloucester Road and the Better Food Company, where customers can refill containers for packaging free shopping, we've also seen the great success of Zero Green, who launched their North Street waste-free shop with massive success. Here at Team Wriggle, we're delighted to see an increase in packaging free shops around the city, making it easier for us all to do our bit towards cutting down on our single use plastics. 

To visit the Vegetable Diva, head on down to the Invicta building on Millennium Promenade. The cafe is tucked within the ground floor of the building, and is open Monday to Saturday, 8am - 4pm. 

Published -15th March 2019