The best time of the year is when the Christmas themed food starts coming out, especially the Christmas burger. The burger barons of Bristol have got their inspiration flowing and come up with some juicy burgers that really encompass the meaning of Christmas...excess. 

From venison to tartiflette, turkey steaks to sausage and stuffing patties plus all the topping trimmings, these towering festive stacks are sure to rival that supermarket Christmas sandwich you got excited about last week.

Hark! Burger Joint's famously epic Christmas Burger is upon us! Treating yourself to one of these in the run-up to the big day is an enduringly delicious (and properly Bristolian) festive tradition. If we're honest, the mere thought of all that melting brie and luscious cranberry is sending our tinsels all-a-tangle with anticipation... Inside your choice of bun (we'd go for Brioche, but - as always - it's your call at Burger Joint) you'll find tenderly grilled turkey breast, a heroicly lip-smacking patty made from pork, bacon bits and sage stuffing, a vibrant salad, a wadge of melted brie, a dash of mayo and - finally - a cracker of a cranberry sauce. Wow.

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Burger Theory have decided that if you're going to do a Christmas burger, you need to pull out all the stops, blow the whistles and do it properly. Both veggies and meat-eaters are catered for with gusto, think venison, smoked bacon, walnuts, beetroot, with lashings of cider, orange and cranberries. However the star of the show has to be the introduction of the infamous french cheese dish, the tartiflette. A gooey patty made of sliced potato, roblochon cheese and bacon, fried then added to your burger with a helping of ham hock braised in mulled cider and generously drizzled with a cider jus.

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Why waste your time dreaming of a white Christmas (face it, guys, it's not going to happen) when your festive foodie reverie will almost certainly come true at Asado this December? If burger excellence floats your boat, if you reckon turkey dinners are a hands-down winner, if you reach peak fun when you're suppin' on spiced rum - then read on, fair Wriggler. The "Christmas at Asado" Burger is a buttermilk brined and deep fried free-range turkey thigh with sausage, sage & sweet chestnut stuffing patty topped with smokey bacon and cranberry sauce. This festive monster is finished off with confit garlic mayo, lettuce in a challah bun. For the veggies you can opt for The "Cheesy Christmas" Burger. A breadcrumbed, deep fried Camembert patty smothered with cranberry sauce, confit garlic mayo, rocket all encased in a challah bun. Pair both these behemoths with a side of ROAST POTATOES instead of chips and you have got yourself a fine Christmas diner.

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Published -18th December 2017