Sometimes in life, you just can't be bothered to sit in a restaurant and eat in. You just wanna scoff in the comfort of your own home, or maybe hit up the park with some tasty treats and a few cold beers, or perhaps you're in the mood to take some romantic goodies round to visit someone special for a bit of Netflix, noodles and chill... We hear ya.  

Anyway, let's put the nitty gritty of your reasons for not wanting to dine in behind us – we're not judgemental sorts. The fact of the matter is you just want to pick up your Wriggle and go, so without further ado or waffling from us, here it is: our essential guide to the best takeaway Wriggles in Bristol. 

At Burger Joint you can truly build the burger of your dreams: select your patty, sides, sauces and toppings from a truly impressive array. The choice can be a challenge, but it's an enjoyable hunger-inducing challenge, and one that's always richly rewarded with a big ol' burger at the end.

If you want to really streamline your takeaway burger enjoyment, you can even call ahead so your burger is ready to pick up when you swing by.

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If Whiteladies Road is pon route home for you, no problemo: Burger Joint also have a handily located restaurant there, too. Isn't that convenient! Pick up all manner of deliciously customised burger treats, then head home to relax in the utmost comfort of your own home – winning!

After a recommendation? Team Wriggle love a chicken burger with peanut and chilli sauces – bloody banging.

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Biblos delivers big flavours and even bigger wraps, made fresh to order and served in deliciously sturdy flatbread wraps. These expertly selected wrap casings showcase the perfect structural integrity necessary for keeping these girthy wraps together, meaning you don't need to worry about dribbling juice down your front – always a concern.

Pop into the vibrant, buzzing Stokes Croft venue, grab a wrap the size of ya head, and bounce on home with a smile on your face.

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Pipal Tree isn't your average Indian restaurant. Nestled on Chelsea Road, these guys take Indian and Punjabi classics and fuse them with British and European cuisine to create something truly special. After all, where else can you find fresh Mussels in Tarka Masala orTandoori Pheasant?

In this massive takeaway bundle you'll find everything you need for a right royal Indian feast, including dips, tandoori chicken wings, pakoras, curries, rice, salads and desserts. Just brilliant!

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With a unique take on vegan and plant-based cooking, Suncraft is a warm and welcoming little oasis of calm, cool deliciousness on Gloucester Road. The chefs have made vegan food a star in its own right, not an afterthought, with light, fresh and flavoursome dishes that will have you keep you coming back for more and more.

You can enjoy both of Suncraft's Wriggles to eat in or takeaway, so when you feel like kicking back and relaxing in your jimmy jammies on the sofa, these guys have got your back.

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This Wriggle is perfect for anyone who works or lives in the city centre, and wants to grab a no fuss takeaway dinner. We've got two beautiful takeaway options for you to choose from: a vegan cheeseburger (made with the now infamous B12 Moving Mountains patty), or a gloriously moist fried buttermilk chicken burger.

When you're taking away, the lovely chaps at QSD will even swap your pint for a bottle of beer, meaning you can indulge in the full meal experience in the comfort of your own home. Winning!

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The food over at Cathay Rendezvous is almost as grand as the building itself: the interior resembles something out of a James Bond film and the food will leave you positively shaken (with joy) not stirred. If a sit down meal in this smart little spot isn't on the menu for you tonight, why not grab your Wriggle to take away? After all, there are few greater joys in life than kicking back with a bit of Netflix, in your dressing gown, with a massive plateful of noodz. Heck yes.

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For city centre workers, what could be better than nipping down the hallowed cobbles of King Street, popping into Pepenero @ Beer Emporium, and picking up a freshly cooked, hand-stretched pizza. Salv and his team produce excellent Italian goodies for your dining delectation; all their pizza bases, tomato sauce and vegetables are freshly prepared and entirely organic. If you're a vegan then don't despair – these guys also offer some seriously tasty plant based treats – including vegan cheese that actually tastes like cheese! Yaaaaas!

You'll have to speedy to grab this Wriggle after work – it only runs until 5:30pm, but we think that pizza is worth a little after-work jog, right?

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Standing proudly amongst the magnificently elegant, iconic Park Street is Yakinori – an absolute destination for Japanese food lovers from across the city. If you fancy a takeaway dinner that's a little lighter than a slice of pizza or a hefty burger, we reckon you might quite like this Wriggle. Somewhere between sushi and a salad, Poké Bowls are a food trend that is bound to stay fresh – and Shake Poké at Yakinori makes the best Poké in town. It's your favourite ingredients, in abundant bowl form.

When the sun is shining, catch Team Wriggle picking up these fellas, a few bottles of beer, and heading over to Cathedral Green to unwind. Dreamy.

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In the mood to share a few slices of cheesy, pizza goodness? Head over to Beerd on St Michael's Hill for this tasty takeaway Wriggle. Nab your Wriggle, and you'll pick up two cans of Pistonhead lager and a glorious, hand-stretched, freshly made pizza.

After a recommendation? We are obsessed with the smoked mozzarella, buffalo bozzarella, blue cheese, goat cheese, salami, grilled chicken, prosciutto, chorizo, speck, aubergine, wild mushrooms, and chestnut mushrooms.

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This isn't just your average burger – heck no! Burger Theory have a glorious range of Special Edition Burgers, and this week's edition is the extremely savoury, deliciously cheesy "The Cheese Board". Expect a beef patty piled high with cheddar, brie, stilton, chilli jam, grilled jalapeños and chipotle mayo, all served up with golden fries.

Swing by Burger Theory's city centre restaurant on your way home from work, pick up one of these bad boys, and prepare for a night of perfectly cheesy chillin'.

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If you pass by the harbourside and Wapping Wharf area on your trot home from work, you can't get much petter than calling into Bristol's best-loved pizza restaurant, Pizzarova. Dreamy sourdough bases with fully customisable topping options to suit every taste, great tunes drifting out from the speakers, and always the friendliest chefs in the business, we just can't get enough of Pizzarova.

Team Wriggle's top takeaway tip? Get your beer down you while the team whip up your pizza, then head on down to the waterside by the Arnolfini, dangle your legs over the side and soak up the view. Bristol bliss.

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Published -12th April 2019