It's the most fantastic time of the year – Wriggle Burger Week – and in celebration we've teamed up with some of our absolute favourite purveyors of fine burgers of all shapes, sizes, and persuasions from across the city.

Rory's Best Ever Veggie Cheese Burger makes up in flavour (and cheese) what it lacks in modesty. It all starts with a beautiful brioche bun, then it's gloriously dressed with mayo, lettuce, tomato and red onion. Now the veggie fun starts: a crunchy tofu and quinoa burger with smoked cheddar, halloumi, house pickles, Dijon mustard and house ketchup. Best veggie burger in Bristol indeed. The fries are great too.

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This brand-spanking-new-beauty from Asado is very, very special indeed. A feisty, ferocious mamacita of a burger, the hot pollo burger is a spicy stack of free range Nashville style hot chicken, a juicy hash brown, West Country cheddar cheese, sweet dill pickles and confit garlic mayo. It's big, bold and beautiful – and if it's too hot for you, you can also go for the non-spicy version – we won't tell.

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This little beauty from Squeezed, Wapping Wharf has already made a name for itself as one of the filthiest and finest burgers on the scene. The Ee Chee Wa Maa is a heavenly creation, consisting of a juicy double beef patty, creamy Monterey Jack cheese, fresh salsa verde, tangy, punchy pickles, Worcestershire aioli and crisp, crunchy lettuce. Your burger will also be served with Squeezed's legendary ancho chilli salt fries, and a Yard Sale lemonade – an old school, traditional-style sweet and sour delight that'll set your tastebuds alight.

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Wrap your mouth around a big, juicy chicken thigh burger OR an Asian spiced veggie burger, served in a soft bun and topped off with salad, lashings of Srirachanaise (and, if you pay a tiny bit extra, the meltiest of melty cheese). Couple that with some lightly seasoned fries and you get mega chuck for your buck. This mammoth hand-held beaut of a meal will taste great with a with a refreshing pale ale from behind the bar (not included in the price but, ya know, beer and fried chicken is a match made in heaven).

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Head to Pigsty this week to get your hands on the magnificent Pigmac for the price of a bus ticket! You probably should walk off all the calories anyway... We're talking seasoned pork patty, slow roast bbq pulled pork, cheese baconaise in a brioche bun with a dollop of house slaw. They've got a cracking selection of booze and coffee too, so be sure to nab a side or two to complete the job.

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Burger Joint arguably are the Grand Daddies of the Bristol burger scene, having started the trend for a superior product with a great atmosphere. Now they're offering you TWO deals for Wriggle Burger week. The first choice is - The Quattro Formaggio, four kinds of cheese (Smoked Applewood, Blue Cheese, Brie and Swiss), Truffle Mayo, and an option of Beef or Veggie burger. Second is the The Posh Pig,a wild boar burger, smoked streaky bacon, BBQ pulled pork, sun-dried tomatoes and burger relish. We suggest grabbing a mate, ordering one each and splitting them so you don't miss out!

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Those crafty devils over at Smoke & Glaze have been hard at work to come up with a delicious new special, and boy – it's a beauty. Expect a 5oz beef patty topped with paprika, chilli and stout spiced overnight brisket, wild garlic mayo, red onion, jalopeños and mature cheddar. It's also served up with a generous portion of Smoke & Glaze's legendary soul fries – if you've never tried these before, prepare to meet your new favourite potato.

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This particular treat from Oowee Diner, North Street is deliciously, downright dirty – and you're going to love it. The Big Cheese is a sexy lil stack of double beef patty, American, Swiss and Monterey Jack cheese, slathered in Baconnaise and then racked high with gherkins. It's filthy, it's sloppy, and it's just perfect. It's also served up with a generous portion of fries and your ever choice of soft drink – cracking.

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This absolute beauty from The Hobgoblin on Gloucester Road is something very special indeed. Drawing inspiration from our cousins across the pond, the PB & J burger is a towering monster of a stack, complete with your choice of chicken or beef patty, salty peanut butter, fiery black habanero chilli jam, bacon and chipotle mayo. It's served up with a generous portion of fries, too – that's your dinner sorted then!

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Treat yourself to Mud Dock's mouthwatering Mexican Bean Burger. It's a far superior offering to the usual bland veggie burgers which are so often tacked onto menus as a last-minute afterthought: expect a juicy, gently spiced patty, creamy, smooth avocado and a good dollop of tangy Greek yoghurt, all served in a proper ciabatta bun, and served up with skin-on fries.

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Head down to Ciao Burger from noon till late this evening and enjoy one of their most iconic burgers. With this burger, it's all about the meat and the cheese: two tasty beef patties, oodles of creamy, melty cheese, green salad, and lashings of Ciao's legendary classic house sauces, all sandwiched between a warm bap. It's simple, it's classic, and it's damn tasty. Happy munching... Ciao! Photo credits: Simon Lees Photography

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Workout is bang-central yet tucked-away from the crowds, with Riverside tables (perfect for a sunny day), a neat selection of beers (Wiper & True anyone?) and tasty burgers being served-up every Friday evening. And ping-pong! With this Wriggle - bag 2 of their bangin' Burgers (choose between Cheeseburgers, Pulled Pork Burgers, Lamb Burgers or a Veggie burger) with Chips & Slaw, and 2 of their selection of Bottled or Draught pints (only the APA excluded).

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Owned and operated by the YMCA, this is an outstanding example of a not-for-profit community cafe which provides some of the best lunch, coffee and nibbles in Broadmead in the impressive surrounds of the attractive old Police Station building. This burger week bag yourself a proper cheeseburger and fries with a substantial dollop of handmade slaw on the side. Start Friday properly!

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Published -1st May 2018