This Friday (4th June 2021) it’s National Doughnut Day – a day well worth celebrating if you ask us, especially since Bristol is home to some incredible doughnut movers and makers.

After plenty of taste testing (we know, it’s a tough job), we’ve rounded up a selection of doughnuts you’ve got to get your hands on this week – as well as how you can bag yourself some FREE Pippin Doughnuts at Bristol Pantry! Read on to find out more…

Pinkman's sour-dough-nuts

Bristol-based food blogger and Instagram-extraordinaire Thom Foodery says “you have not lived until you’ve tried Pinkman’s sour-dough-nuts” – and we have to agree with him 100%.

Not shy of experimenting in the kitchen, the Pinkman’s team have pulled out all the stops to create a their own take on a classic filled doughnut. Their sour-dough-nuts are made using (you’ve guessed it) a house-made sourdough starter, and each is hand-rolled and fried to give them a super light texture. To finish them off, they’re filled with pastry creams and garnishes to create a range of unique flavours including honeycomb mousse, vanilla cream & raspberry jam, and chocolate pecan brownie. The result is an absolutely indulgent and life-affirming dessert.

Kinetic Kitchen's Keto Doughnuts

Kinetic Kitchen has reinvented the wheel, if by wheel, you think of a sweet, light and moreish doughnut. Rather than thinking of a doughnut as something that’s unhealthy through and through, they’ve challenged themselves to make them as healthy and natural as possible.

As a Keto Bakery, Kinetic Kitchen pride themselves on crafting delicious and nutritious doughnuts made from the highest quality ingredients. Everything that goes into their doughnuts is 100% organic and natural; there are no additives, preservatives, artificial flavours or flavours, just pure, natural goodness. They’re also strong advocates for supporting local, sourcing ingredients within forty miles of their HQ in Bristol.

Kinetic Kitchen’s keto doughnuts can be ordered on Bristol Pantry for home delivery.

Millinut’s Simply Stunning Doughnuts

If there were a prize for most Instagrammable doughnuts in Bristol, Millinut would definitely be crowned victorious.

Since launching in October 2019, Millinut have been turning heads with their simply stunning selection of handmade baked and fried doughnuts. Each and every doughnut is handcrafted to order and naturally flavoured so you can expect the utmost premium quality from these sweet treats.

Their fried doughnuts change weekly so keep an eye out on their Instagram for what’s available right now, but they also boast a core selection of baked doughnuts. Flavours include Lemon & Poppy Seed (topped with a zesty lemon curd), Banoffee (filled with dulce de leche), and our personal favourite, The Birthday Cake – a beautiful sprinkle-topped doughnut filled with whipped cream & mascarpone, and strawberry conserve.

Joe's bakery

Since 1990, Joe’s Bakery has been baking outstanding artisan bread and confectionary from its home on Gloucester Road making it a proper institution and pioneer of Bristol’s food and drink community. It’s got everything you need: spot on split tin loaves, perfect Brioche buns (so good that Squeezed use them in their restaurant) and the mightiest steak pasty you’ll find this side of Cornwall.

Amongst their bakery classics including a good old iced Chelsea bun and adorable gingerbread men, you’ll find our personal favourite: Joe’s Bakery’s jam filled doughnuts. Made from scratch on-site, these doughnuts are the real deal. Full of oozing sweet jam and a soft, light and sweet dough, they’re the apple of our eye.

If you’re not a jam fan however, then you might want to avert your gaze to their ring doughnut selection featuring what we like to call the holy trinity of ring doughnuts: glazed, iced and smothered chocolate.

Bomboloni's Italian Doughnuts

Bomboloni, who have named themselves after Italian filled doughnuts, have perfected the art of creating these sweet treats. Not only are they absolutely gorgeous to look at, but Bomboloni masterfully pair seasonal fillings with the sweet and fluffy dough. They're forever coming up with new flavour combinations, but our favourite has to be the lemon curd and blueberry compote Bomboloni.

They also do incredibly cute mini bomboloni – little bitesized doughnuts filled with a dark chocolate sauce.

The Secret Larder

If you're looking for vegan-friendly doughnuts, The Secret Larder has got to be your go to hangout. Operating out of the new Crofters Rights Beer Garden on the corner of Picton Street, The Secret Larder team create some next level ring doughnuts, loading them with legendary snacks (think Oreos and Jammy Dodgers), chocolates, and fruits. Our personal favourite has to be their Lotus Biscoff doughnut; pair it with one of their iced coffees and you're onto a winner.

Bristol Loaf

From sourdough loaves to chocolate tortes, Bristol Loaf's team of dedicated bakers can turn their hands to pretty much any sweet or savoury delights that you can think of. And doughnuts are no exception in their repertoire of extraordinary baked goods.

Following the filled doughnut tradition, Bristol Loaf's doughnuts are exceptionally soft and sweet, and are piped full of preserves, creams and custards. Every Saturday they release a new flavour, so keep an eye on their social media account to see what's in store for you this week!

Get Free Doughnuts from Pippin Doughnuts & Bristol Pantry this Week

Anyone who's anyone knows Pippin Doughnuts. Hailing from Swindon but regulars at Bristol’s street food markets, the Pippin Doughnuts team create outrageously good sweet filled doughnuts that have rocketed them to a god-like status in recent years. We’re talking mixed berry jam, decadent chocolate, and limited-edition seasonal flavours (like raspberry and Prosecco).

These irresistible doughnuts can be found at Bristol’s St Nicks market on Wine Street every Friday from 9am until they sell out – and believe us, they go pretty fast!

You can also order Pippin Doughnuts with home delivery from Bristol Pantry! The Bristol Pantry covers a huge delivery radius in and around Bristol (including drops to doors in Clevedon, Portishead, Thornbury, Keynsham, and Bath City Centre) so you can get your favourite Pippin Doughnuts delivered straight to your door.

This week, Bristol Pantry are giving away two Pippin Doughnuts with every order of £20 or more! All you have to do is order anything that takes your fancy from the Bristol Pantry website (loaded with plenty of other street food favourites, including Eatchu and Pizzarova) and select the 4th June 2021 (that’s National Doughnut Day) for delivery or collection. The Bristol Pantry team will then add your free doughnuts straight to your order! It couldn't be easier to get your doughnut fix right in time for National Doughnut Day.

Have we missed your favourite doughnut spot from our list? Share a photo of your favourite doughnuts on Instagram and tag @WriggleBristol, and we’ll repost our favourites!

Published -28th May 2021