Presenting Bristol’s most wacky and wonderful grub to behold, we encourage you to indulge in the dirty, crafty, magical, and the little bit mad.

Marmite and Cheddar Dirty Fries @ OOWEE   

OOWEE diner in Montpelier serve seriously tasty grub to the seriously hungry. Not only is the place worshiped for their big, juicy and cheesy burgers, but their fries-gone- dirty are taking the city by storm. 

Fancy pursuing your ultimate guilty pleasure? Fear not, at OOWEE you can indulge in fries smothered in Marmite and cheddar cheese. Not quite tickling your taste buds? These guys also serve fries topped with stripped fried chicken, buffalo shrimp,jalapeños, grilled vegan cheese and crispy fried cauliflower.

 This place is a hot spot of dirty grub and certainly not to miss.  

Falafel Waffles @ The Crafty Egg

The Crafty Egg are known for getting real crafty with egg-ceptional dishes over on Cheltenham Road. Exciting new additions for their evening menu are their savoury waffles,with a choice of duck, chicken or salmon topped with poached eggs. The veggie option of falafel waffles (yes, that is literally falafel inside a waffle), with aubergine and rocket delights the taste buds, providing a mouth-watering and healthy alternative to sickly sweet waffles

.Once more, The Crafty Egg are confirming more glorious and experimental additions to their already impressive menu.

Brunch @ The Cauldron 

We are mad in love with The Cauldron and their charcoal powered kitchen. Nestled in St Werburghs with no gas supply, these guys are busy creating handmade wonders by combining the most exciting ingredients with unusual spices. Their homely, wholesome goodness pack a serious punch whilst elevating every flavour. Fancy brunch with a twist?Their magical menu is something to behold. 

Try their Vegan-mad  cooked breakfast with sautéed mushrooms in coal oil, cauldron beans, wood fired tomato, seitan bacon, grilled avocado, fries & toast. For committed carnivores, try the blueberry & bacon eggy bread,with lavender & thyme honey, or their gaucho smokey beans & chorizo on sourdough toast with chimichurri. This place truly is the home of mouth-watering madness, satisfying those cravings you didn’t even know you had. 

Salt Beef Sandwich @ The Picked Brisket

All hail the arrival of the Salt Beef Sandwich. Down at Wapping Wharf, The Pickled Brisket have made their first permanent home within a single shipping container, serving variations of the classic salt beef sandwich. 

Choose from the Classic (salt beef, mustard, gherkins), the Reuben (salt beef, sauerkraut, Russian dressing, Swiss cheese, mustard, gherkins), the Southerner (salt beef, house slaw, blow-torched Monterey Jack and chipotle ketchup) or the Bull Horn (salt beef, sauerkraut, pickled red cabbage, West Country cheddar, mustard and gherkins). 

These scrumptiously salty treats are proving to impress, with hungry customers eagerly awaiting in queues leading outside the door. 

Dirty, Dirty Fries @ The Hob Goblin

 While this place may look like your standard traditional pub, The Hob Goblin are serving anything but the ordinary. Encompassing cosy, homely vibes with modern culinary twists in the kitchen, these guys have upped the game on the dirty fries scene with the meanest fries you’ll ever come across. 

Pig out with your mates on their seasoned fries with smoked pulled pork, BBQ sauce, 8 spices, melted blue cheese, cheddar cheese and coriander mayo -turning a traditional side into a full meal in itself. 

After devouring this exceptional wonder,you’ll never look at fries the same way again.

Pig Board @ Pigsty 

Up for the ultimate meaty challenge? Look no further. Down at Wapping Wharf, Pigsty warmly welcome you to pig out on their truly mad pig board. 

Compiling the entire menu and serving it onto one single board, share this monster with mates or, if you’re up for the challenge, tackle it yourself. Indulge in BBQ hoguettes, scotch eggs, slow roast pork belly,raw slaw and more. 

Warning - this is certainly not for the faint hearted. 

Freakshakes @ The Beehive Coffee House 

Beehive Coffee House is Bristol’s after-effect of the freak shake epidemic. Here, milkshake meets dessert by producing the most monstrous creations, perfect for those seeking the ultimate sweet challenge. 

These shakes are topped with doughnuts, biscuits, brownie, ice-cream, layered with cream and drizzled in sauce… freaked out yet?    

Deep Fried Oreos @ Soul Fish

Forget your classic battered Mars Bar, the guys down at Soul Fish on Gloucester Road are serving you with the new, modern alternative - deep fried Oreos. 

Behold these little crunchy pockets of heaven, with their gooey soft chocolate center oozing in your mouth. 

These sweet little chocolate bites are not ones to miss for those renowned for their sweet tooth. 

Published -7th June 2017