It's here! For the next 4 weeks, we're going to be unearthing hidden food & drink treasures from in Bristol and listing them here for you to snap up and scoff. 

This page will be updated with each day's treasures so make a bookmark and make sure to check back. 

Important: If you want to stand a better chance of claiming any of these Wriggles over the next 4 weeks, we recommend you have your Wriggle account logged in to and your payment details up to date. You've only got the Wriggle once you've purchased it and every second counts!

Sold Out Wednesday: Lebanese Bazella & Rice @ Fateema, £1

Live now! Head to the new Lebanese pop-up at Old Market Gin-porium, Dutch, for some thoroughly comforting Lebanese food on Wednesday. A spicy, meaty stew with veg and rice awaits - completely unpretentious and perfect for this time of year.

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Sold Out Thursday: Venison Pie @ Lovett Pie Palace, £1.50

Live 11am Thursday: Yessss! Pieeee! 

And if that hasn't sold it to you, just you wait until you see the filling. Wait for it. Venison, Smoked Bacon and Porcini mushroom. I know what you're wondering "But does it have lashings of gravy?"

Yes it does, you silly thing.

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Friday: 50p Extract Coffee & Any Cake @ Cafe Jackalope

Live 3pm Thursday: Head to Cafe Jackalope on Friday for one of Humanity's greatest ever pairings - coffee & cake. All for the Macaulay-Culkin-cheek-slappingly cheap price of 50p. You can't say fairer than that.

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Sold Out: Saturday: £1 Pig Mac @ Pigsty

Live 2.30pm Friday: Happy Birthday Pigsty! And like in those bizarre office Birthday scenarios (how did that become a thing?), they're the ones showering you with treats. Their signature dish, the Pig Mac is a towering feat of porky engineering - complete with Seasoned Pork Patty, Slow Roasted BBQ Pulled Pork, Cheesey Baconnaise and House Slaw in a Brioche Bun. All for a shiny pound. 

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Sunday: 2-Course Scandi Sunday Dinner for 2 @ Dela, £2.50

Live 3.30pm Friday: Ahoy, Treasure Hunters. We've got a sneaking feeling that you're not going to want to miss out on this Wriggle - a supremely generous afternoon of Scandinavian inspired Sunday dining for two at one of our favourite openings of the year, Dela. 

Firstly, you'll pick a Starter Sharing Board from the following options to enjoy together before your main course arrives. Then, you'll each indulge in a Swedish Roast of your choice, with a meat and veggie option available.

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Published -5th October 2017