With over 300 food and drink Wriggles available this week, we wanted to pick out some highlights from across the city. From Mezze feasts to juicy burgers - we've picked out a mouth-watering array of deliciousness. Prepare to get hungry...

HUGE HOAGIES @ I Love Hoagies (City Center)

The Hoagies at I Love Hoagies aren't just meaty monsters jammed with mouth-wateringly slow cooked goodness... the veggie options are quite the ticket to ride, too. Fancy trying one? Of course you do.

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Beautiful Buddha Bowls @ Beets n' Roots (Cotham Hill)

Perfectly balanced, high vitality, brilliantly nourishing and more colourful than Elmer the patchwork elephant's party pants, the Buddha Bowl from Beets n' Roots is the super-delicious answer to every January heath kicker's prayers. Packed full of macronutrients and organic ingredients, and with a genuine focus on local sourcing, this Buddha Bowl comes with a veritable emporium of pulses, seeds, herbs, spices, oils and raw veggie goodies.

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Three Course Asian-Inspired Menu & Beer Pairings @ Edit Bar & Kitchen (Cheltenham Rd)

The evening is hosted by Edit's in-house beer guru Fabio – a man with years of experience in the beer world, most recently at the fabulous Wild Beer Company. Fabio has spent years researching perfect pairings, and the result is a very special night of impeccably matched food and beer. It's all accompanied by some seminal music, played through Edit's glorious Klipsch sound system. Check out the full menu below:

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Two Beers @ Tobacco Factory (North Street)

Tryanuary, is something we can most certainly get on board with. An excuse to support awesome independents throughout January by seeking out new beers and trying as many as you can, it's the sort of new year's resolution you'll actually enjoy keeping. So, head to Tobacco Factory with this Wriggle and enjoy 2 bottles of selected beer from their fridges. Carefully chosen from breweries around the UK and abroad, you'll almost certainly find your new favourite here!

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Date Night @ The Parlour (Gloucester Road)

You and your beloved mate or date will enjoy a perfect plate of homemade fresh pasta each, accompanied by either a bottle of red or white, strictly to compliment the flavours, of course... This pasta is seriously tasty too - forget your nan's spag bol (soz nan), and tuck into some authentic, flavoursome goodness. The pasta is wonderfully delicate - it's rolled to thin, elegant perfection, and is lusciously coated with deeply flavoursome, lovingly prepared sauces and garnishes.

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Exquisite Toastie @ Bar Buvette (City Centre)

An exquisite toastie. Made from the finest Montgomery cheddar with some Comte or Cantal thrown in, packed into sourdough bread (baked in Totterdown) and rounded off with a glass of the Buvette house wine - red or white. This is what Buvette is famous for; cheese and wine. Don't miss out.

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Burgers @ Smoke & Glaze (Cheltenham Road)

Hallelujah. Tuck into any of the Smoke & Glaze signature burgers (with a veggie and vegan option available too), along with a hearty portion of soul seasoned fries. All served with lettuce & tomato in a lightly toasted brioche bun with a portion of twice cooked crispy cajun potatoes aka soul fries!

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Asian Inspired Feasting @ Tuk Tuck (Center)

The hilarious duo of Alex and Quan (see their own-brand hot sauces on the shelves for proof of hilarity) want to take you on a journey through the street-food markets of Asia, taking in the familiar and the unique. Fortunately, you probably won’t need to travel far. They keep their pricing low and their portions generous: this is fresh, honest fast food at its very best. All day long, baby. Featuring dishes from South Korea, Japan, Vietnam and more, the star of the show is the Korean Bibimbap - a well made bed of steamed rice piled high with fresh diced veg, sesame, a fried egg and a choice of meaty or tofu toppings.

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Lunchtime Tapas @ Bellita (Cotham Hill)

Perennially featured in the Michelin Guide and roundly loved for its evening ambience, it's still something of a foodie secret when it comes to indulging in a top-notch lunch. If you're looking for somewhere a bit special to while away a late-week-lunch-break, or a memorable start to your weekend away from the madding Cotham Hill crowds, you've struck gold with this Wriggle.

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Published -15th January 2018