We get it, you want to try all the pop ups but there are so many! Where can you find a definitive list to make sure you don't miss a thing? Luckily for you, we at Wriggle have rounded up the bricks and mortar that host the best pop ups in the city.

Beats at Steam

Located next to Clifton Down rail station, this place knows how to put out that fire when you are left absolutely STEAMing from train delays or just the imminent trek up Whiteladies road. Their resident pop up, the Cornish Burger Co, provide a more adventurous take on the humble patty, from a Moroccan spicy lamb number to a cheeky BBQ pulled pork with apple chutney, not forgetting their infamous ‘The Gap Year’ for all you veggies. 

They hold one-off menus for those special celebrations like Valentine’s Day where the meal was finished off by a packet of Swizzler’s love hearts (and if that doesn’t shout romance then I don’t know what does!). BEats and Steam are a match made in heaven (must have been those Swizzler’s hearts that sunk the deal), and they have teamed up to put on BEats eats Steam street food parties. 

The first event was on December 9th and following its success they are continuing to host such events throughout spring and summer. Expect a number of the best street food vendors from across Bristol, previously Pickled Brisket, La Bonne Crepe and Sri-licious have featured. Alongside bars, DJ’s and live music all enjoyed in their outside seating area, it’s the perfect venue for a summers night not just a Friday night. So put these dates in your diary and join the party on 30th June, 28th July and 29th September.

This place is the epitome of don’t judge a book by its cover. From the outside, it looks like your plain old ‘let’s go for a pint’ on a Friday night pub but step inside and you will be faced with walls that mirror those seen in any Hard Rock café but instead of music memorabilia it’s beer! Trust us, you have to see it for yourself. This Kingsdown local is so much more than real ale though, and even though they keep it local with their ales, in the kitchen it’s a very different story. 

They take on businesses serving dishes from every corner of the world in their regular kitchen takeovers. Currently cooking up the grub necessary to accompany that craft keg beer is Kansai kitchen, serving authentic Izakaya Japanese dishes. The dish that Wriggle never miss is the Okonomiyaki, and even though it will involve the awkward point to the menu whilst attempting to pronounce it (wrongly of course), it is definitely worth it. It’s a savoury vegetable pancake topped with Japanese mayo and fish flakes with options of adding kimchi, bacon or if you’re feeling fancy, squid. 

Highlights of their previous takeovers are The Bearded Tacos in early May, where the taste of the dishes was just as inventive as their names such as ‘Rage against the tagine’ or ‘Let’s avo cwtch’. Not to be forgotten was also the Angela Yon tapas pop up in January, which had something for everyone and a focus on vegetarian choices including porcini mushroom risotto with lemon and thyme balls stuffed with mozzarella (dreamy, right?). The kitchen has also been blessed by the hands of Uncle Ho in April, making delicious Vietnamese street food. These takeovers only last for a few weeks so get in and try Kansai Kitchen while you can, if Japanese is not your jam (or soy sauce in this case) then keep a look out as they are sure to have another trader in soon.

As the name suggests this place is very much alcohol orientated (just what we want) with over 40 types of bottled beers, every kind of cider you could wish for, not forgetting their craft keg beers. Now all this talk about alcohol is making us hungry but do not fear you don’t have to move an inch to satisfy those hunger pangs (okay well you do have to go to the bar to order). 

This place has been the home to numerous local small food traders over the past few months including Silk Road Street Food who served up a middle eastern feast of Turkish beef sausage or chickpea wraps (for an affordable £6.50 might we add). Olive and Sage brought Italy to Hotwells throughout May with their polenta dressed with cavolo nero and béchamel sauce (yep, turns out polenta is so much more than just chips) to name one of the options. Popping up over the Easter period were Alp Mac, because when you’ve had too much Easter egg chocolate, mac’n’cheese is the answer and this is some of the best around.  

Porchetta were working their magic here and their menu they combine the two most quintessentially British things: the pub and cream tea but as you have never seen them before. Try it for yourself, black pudding scones, goats cheese and shallot jam is sure to not disappoint. Just proving that this venue can be the host to just about any kind of food and pull it off with style.

Filled with love, music, cocktails and food from its pop up kitchen in the heart of Stokes croft. This place just has all around good vibes and now good smells too, wafting through the wooden tables and booths. The love theme continues through their pop ups for example with Pyaar, which literally means love, who were there in March and April. The thali style Indian cuisine offered a range of vegan and veggie options (as well as meat dishes too) including Rajma Vegetable Massala, with the added option of having any curry served in roti wraps (the dream). 

You haven’t done an Indian meal properly unless your entire table is covered with sides and with Pyaar the options are endless. From your standard onion bhaji to the more adventurous tempura cauliflower in cumin seeds and spices. Think Sundays, think roasts. And Love Inn provide the goods in this department featuring Tubby’s corner. Everyone is catered for from the avid beef eater to the pie lover to the veg heads, with their sumptuous vegetable lentil pie (bet you never thought you’d hear sumptuous and vegetable in the same sentence but we know what we’re talking about). 

Now let’s get down to the real deal of what’s on at the moment, presenting Salvador Deli, delivering not your average daily packed lunch sandwich. Instead giving you things like sticky jerk chicken with pineapple salsa, slaw and avo. So time to fill your heart and stomach with love but be careful once you step inside we can’t promise you will be leaving any time soon.

The Hare on the Hill

This little gem hidden on a corner in Kingsdown has a colourful faςade and even more colourful choices when it comes to its pop ups. It has a weekly quiz night on a Thursday which is more often than not accompanied by one of Bristols local street food businesses. You’re going to need all the brain food you can get your hands on to win that £50 bar tab prize. 

So here to get you through those general knowledge rounds have been Riceminister, serving authentic Valencian paella, choose from chicken or their vegan white bean and aubergine option, full on flavour in every mouthful. Also Olive n Sage have been there to warm up those vocal cords at some of Hare on the Hill’s open mic nights, serving up an Italian treat including their unforgettable rice pancakes (yes you read that right, rice pancakes), you need to try them for yourself to find out how they are even logistically possible. Continuing the Italian theme were Pasta Rider who popped up in April 2017, giving you the classic Italian stallion mains like lasagne, there was also pasta chips or fried pasta to satisfy all of those pasta needs. 

 And what St. Patricks day would be complete without The Italian Sausage? Hare on the Hill had all bases covered serving The Italian Sausage’s sublime sausage sandwiches, wow that’s a lot easier to say without three pints of Guinness! From your traditional to the porketta and even green sausages were served throughout the evening. This place combines great food with great entertainment, it’s impossible to not have a great time, so much greatness in one place. Great!

This place is worth a visit purely to get that Instagram pic. It has the exposed brick, rustic long wooden table look going on that everyone dreams of, all completed with a copper spiral staircase. Beautiful does not even begin to describe this place, not what you might expect to find in Colston yard.

It has an amazing space which has previously held many workshops and foodie events. Including a Ferment and Feast evening in June, held by Fodder & Plonk, participants were treated to a talk, demo and supper including a fermented cocktail and if you’re not intrigued by that alone then I don’t know what more we can do for you! #

Creativity is at the heart of this place, it is about more than just the food (even though that is clearly the most important thing!), it’s also about learning and doing. They are currently holding a supper and talk series, all kicking off with ‘Wilderness’ inspired by the great outdoors and getting closer to nature, what better way to do that than to dive head first into a seasonal vegetarian feast from the Italian miracle workers that are A Tavola. A Tavola do not only know their vegetables, they can also work their way around the sea and The Forge are held their seafood lunch on July 1st 2017, consisting of a mammoth (or whale) five courses. The menu matches this stylish venue, starting with stuffed mussels with parsley, bread and pecorino and ending with brown butter pannacotta and strawberries. 

The Forge provides the perfect chilled vibes for Yoga Brunch Club who are accompanied by different local food businesses like Ceres serving up an Australian inspired brunch for all you Aussie wannabe’s or Asia Pop! giving an Asian twist to everyones favourite Sunday past time. If you’re looking for a Norwegian hygge vibe, and let’s be honest who isn’t? Then this is the place for you.

The name says it all really, but here you will never have to ask for more with their tap room right next door to the brewery, they never run dry. There is a slight industrial feel but this just accentuates the great taste of their beer. They have a vast selection of their beers that are forever changing and just to top it off they have beers from cask, keg, can or bottle … the brewery is your oyster. 

 They were a favourite in the East Bristol Brewery Trail held in April. And of course, every beer needs snacks and Moor Beer deserves so much more than your average peanuts. On Fridays and Saturdays, they are hiring out local street food traders to give you something to line the stomach and soak up all that booze (purely to allow you to drink more of course). Previous takers have been Egg Cetera who catered for the Boozie Eggs night. Alp Mac with their devine Mac and Cheese and cracking burgers from Buckland. 

So grab your coat because you’ve pulled the perfect beer filled night (or day, we’re not judging).

Published -18th July 2017