The legendary Oowee team announced today that they have officially closed the doors on their Picton Street branch for good. The first Oowee to grace Bristol's junk food lovers with its presence, Oowee Picton Street first opened three years ago, and became an instant smash hit among the booze-soaked revellers of Stokes Croft. Its reputation grew and grew, with dirty burger lovers travelling far and wide to get involved in the sloppy, oh-so-satisfying patty 'n' filthy dirty fries action. 

Oowee North Street soon joined the gang, bringing burger-y delights and that instantly recognisable red logo to the hungry hordes of Bedminster. At the end of 2018, meat-free Bristolians rejoiced when Oowee Vegan opened up on Baldwin Street, bringing vegan food bang into the twenty-first century and turning conceptions of plant-based eating completely on their head. 

Vegan 'shrimp' dirty fries from Oowee Vegan.

This week, the Oowee team announced that the original Picton Street branch has closed for a transformation, and will re-open at the end of August under the new name of 'Oowee Vebab'. Needless to say, team Wriggle are very, very excited about this new venture from the Oowee team – after all, who doesn't love a big ol' kebab after a night out? Having witnessed the magic that the chefs use to concoct unbelievably satisfying, filthy meat-free treats at Oowee Vegan, we've got no doubt that the new 100% vegan kebab they've been working on will be bloody banging. 

According to an announcement made over on Instagram, Oowee Vebab will make all their own sauces, pickles and vegan 'meats' in house, and whipping it all up into a meat-free treat to be enjoyed by everyone. Oowee Vebab will also be serving up a full offering of 100% vegan cheese burgers, dirty fries, nuggs and other treats, so whatever your cravings after a session in Stokes Croft, you'll be well catered to. 

Totally committed meat-eaters need have no fear: Oowee North Street are continuing to serve the full meaty menu, but if you feel like having your conception of vegan food challenged, find out what three of Wriggle's most seasoned meat-eaters thought of Oowee Vegan's best-selling dishes in our new video below. 

Published -8th July 2019