Whoever said vegans can’t eat dirty didn’t grab these sloppy, sexy and oh so sinful meat-free creations. Filthy, fashionably fried and guilt-free, take a look at these sinful places getting down and dirty vegan style.

These Bedminster pioneers are the unabashed front runners in the vegan junk food game. Think of your typical late-night cravings - kebabs, burgers, chicken, nachos, the like. VX are offering all of these treats completely cruelty free, paving a new path to junk food heaven with vegan soft cheese and meat-free nuggets. Besides offering a mean feast of savoury wonders, they provide thick slices of mouth-watering cake, sweet toasties, oreo milkshakes and peanut butter lattes (if that isn’t enough to tempt you, we don’t know what is). Serving a scale of vegan delights unlike any other, VX have gained a loyal following from vegans, veggies, and meat-eaters alike.

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Who said Vegans can't have delicious junk food? Burger maniacs, Oowee Diner have branched out, and have now opened their very own Vegan diner in the heart of town, over on Baldwin Street. They've taken the task of twisting what we define as vegan food, turning wholesome clean eating on its head and bringing us sizzling portions of plus-plus-sized, plant-based dirty food. Stuff your face with some ridiculously portioned fries and finger licking good burgers at Oowee Vegan!

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The beloved burger folk over on St Stephen's St have created a veggie/vegan menu fit for a king of carbs. The ‘Southern Hippie’ is a masterly crafted patty and a real feast for the eyes: deep fried mushroom and fresh salad with vegan mayo dressing, topped with a slice of vegan cheese and smoky BBQ sauce. With these guys around you can forget all about your unappealing bean patties, they are ready and waiting to take you on a journey of meat-free discovery and taste-bud trip with big, juicy burgers crammed with exciting flavour combos.

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This family run pizzeria down in the cellars of the Beer Emporium are smashing it with their impressive servings of organic vegan pizzas. Ranging from the regular vegan-style cheese with tomato and basil to the slightly bonkers vegan ham, chorizo and smoked salmon, you can certainly expect the unexpected. If you fancy an authentic Italian experience with an abstract (and meat-free) twist, this is a top-notch destination for pizza freaks seeking to venture into something a little bit weird and a little bit different.

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Thin and crispy is the order of the day at Planet Pizza – forget stodgy sourdough that's more chewy crust than anything else – these elegant beauties are generously lavished with tasty toppings that extend right to the far reaches of the pizza stratosphere. About those toppings: there's a heavenly host of varied options that are absolutely out of this world (sorrynotsorry). Dough is made fresh daily, and is stone baked to delicate perfection. There are gluten free bases made with Doves Farm flour, as well as plenty of delicious vegan topping options, so everybody can can get involved in the fun. Get yourselves a pizza the action!

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“I’ll have Yours please”. “Do you mean Ours?”. “OK Ours, I think.” “What will you have on yours then?”. Pizzarova break down their menu into… you guessed it… Yours and Ours. Confusion aside, a carefully created daily special – or the option of unlimited toppings on your own creation is not something to moan about. What's more, their pizza is made from slowly fermenting sourdough which has been rising for 69 years, giving a light and airy dough with a distinctive taste. Find ‘em atop Gloucester Road, on Park St or down in the new foodopolis of Wapping Wharf. Very stylish indeed.

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Over at Burger Joint you are given the chance to build-a-burger designed and eaten by your sweet self - so you can take full reign in designing the vegan burger of your dreams. Choose your bun (ciabatta, brioche or gluten-free), and stuff your sandwich with a vegan patty and a range of toppings such as vegan cheese, jalapeños and roasted peppers plus a sauce of your choice. With your meat-free hands on deck, there’s a glorious opportunity to masterly craft a burger unlike any other.

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Quay Street Diner is a Californian inspired bar and restaurant serving beautiful brunches and delicious crave-worthy dinners in the shadow of some of Bristol's most incredible artwork. Handmade in Britain by Ox Grills, their custom charcoal grill takes pride of place in the open kitchen. The menu is built around their love of great produce and cooking over open fire. Seasonal, locally sourced ingredients make-up their fresh and ever-changing offer. Expect the likes of Vegan 'Del Ray' Burger, meat-free MexiCali Bowls and Moving Mountains Vegan Dogs. Make your pick and get your munch on.

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This is not just another burger place... Check this out, the vegan Asado burger comes with Southern Fried Seitan Patty, Pineapple & Habanero Ketchup, Vegan Mayo and Slaw in a Vegan Bun. You're in for some gloriously mouth-watering, flavoursome meal – dig in! As a delicious added treat, they make their own habanero hot sauce and vegan mayo in-house and my goodness it's packed with flavour. We tried to get the recipe out of Lucien but he wasn't budging.

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Pioneers of Bristol's vegan food scene, the lovely folk at Cafe Kino have been serving up delicious healthy food in Stokes Croft since 2004. After starting out as a pop-up way back in 1996, their popularity has brought them to their current base in trendy Stokes Croft. It is through these art filled streets that vegan food lovers roam to get their mitts on Kino's fresh local grub. Our favourite burger is the Satay Burger with rich, fragrant peanut sauce, all the freshest trimmings and a topping of piquant secret recipe salsa. They also knock up a banging vegan milkshake complete with vegan ice cream, dreamy!

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Smoke & Glaze is a nod to shared passions for Southern American cuisine. All their food reflects a shared passion for cajun/creole cuisine, whilst the patties are full of flavour and falls apart with a hard stare! Their pickles, glazes and sauces are prepared from scratch to ensure their po-boys and burgers deliver a unique and irresistible flavour. No funny business and no compromises.​ The Filthy Vegan comes with plant-based quarter pounder, hash brown, vegan chorizo, relish, cheddar, mayo and spiced ketchup.

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We all know that burgers are the perfect option for lunch: delicious, savoury, flavours that make your tastebuds the happiest than they've ever been, vegan patties that'd make you blush, and all served with triple cooked, golden, crispy chips and tasty slaw. Sounds pretty good, doesn't it? Then head over to Station Kitchen, they're waiting for you! There are two unreal vegan burgers on the menu, The Vegan Classic compromises Kitchen patty, Kitchen relish, vegan garlic mayo, lettuce, tomato, and gherkins in a Hobbs House bap and The Kitchen Falafel Burger is served with deliciously crisp and fluffy falafel patty, Kitchen relish, vegan garlic mayo, pickles, lettuce & tomato in a Hobbs House bap. Yum.

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The G Bros (Geoff and Gareth) started their professional pizza-making lives when they served up delicious sourdough pizza, baked with handpicked, locally sourced ingredients, from a fitted wood-burning oven in the back of a former Fire Brigade truck. The brothers were originally teachers , but with years of pizza-based experience under their collective belt (not least working as chef in the excellent Easton-based pizza joint Zero Zero), they decided to ditch the day jobs to educate the good folk of Bristol about great pizzas. They've now progressed from their pop-up days, and occupy a permanent spot in the up-and-coming Bristol food hub that is Easton. Here, you can enjoy the same authentic, lovingly made pizzas which brought the G Bros fame and glory - all in the cosy and warm of the indoors!

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If you're looking for proper authentic Californian tacos, Downtown Taqueria is THE spot to visit. You'll find a delicious selection of Mexican inspired vegan options including chilaquiles, platano tacos, jackfruit abodaba tacos and seta loca tacos. They also stock a cracking range of colourful and head-spinning cocktails, made with the best of Mexican spirits. You'll discover tequila and mezcal as you've never had them before!

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Arguably the best Pizzas about and featured in Waitrose Good Food Guide 2017. Flour & Ash make everything using their massive wood-fired Gloucestershire oven. Expect a simple, seasonal selection of pizzas using killer sourdough, from locally milled flour, salt and water – left to prove for up to 72 hours with naturally occurring yeasts. The crust is as much the star of the show as the toppings. They also boast an impressive booze list too – packed with wine chosen by Darren from Grape & Grind on Gloucester Road alongside a selection of local beers, all carefully picked for their taste - and to complement the grub. This lot do things the way they want, and they do it all spectacularly well.

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Published -1st January 2020