There is something tantalising and tasty for every hungry stomach in Bristol. It’s a city that loves good value and reasonable prices are at the core of every establishment. This is music to our food-filled ears because we sure do love a bargain at Wriggle. So to save you from walking the streets, staring longingly into shop windows, we’ve devised a list of some of the best cheap restaurants in Bristol.

Tuk Tuck

We can’t begin to express how deep our love for the people at Tuk Tuck is. It’s almost as deep as their warming bowls of Thai red curry. As a wriggle regular we might be accused of favouritism but you only have to see the constant stream of punters coming in and out to see how popular it is here. Located on St Stephens St this little restaurant is filled with Asian Street food options ranging from bibimbaps and sushi to banh mi and dumplings. Each dish arrives beautifully presented and is cooked with love – honestly it’s that good. Try the home made chilli sauce with your bibimbaps or go a little leftfield and sample their kimchi fries. The food here is a real bargain and this also a BYO restaurant, making it extremely budget-friendly. Also keep your eager eyes peeled for wriggle offers.

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Falafel King

The original falafel pioneers on Cotham Hill have served delicious, meat-free fast-food from the very beginning. This is a herbivore’s holy grail of comfort food: fresh falafels in wraps stuffed with fresh salads, halloumi and drizzled in tahini, mango and chilli sauce. With a new extensive menu of tasty Israeli and Mediterranean delights (their vegan shawarma are little pockets of heaven), they’ve stayed loyal to their fans by keeping their prices low and the quality high. Enjoy these cheap treats whilst unwinding in their their cave-like kasbah, an enchanting oasis which promises an entertaining evening of mezze madness.

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Mezze Palace

Sometimes a great deal seems too good to be true, but at Mezze Palace your Lebanese food dreams will become reality, and all at a very good price. Hidden down a flight of stairs, this excellent restaurant also has a great interior and is located in one of Bristol’s underground tunnels. The staff here are always very welcoming and you will feel like a lifelong customer from the moment you enter. We advise on loose fitting trousers because the portions here are "generous". The set meals are ridiculously good value for money and include mixed mezze starters – made up of their heavenly hummus (sic), minty vine leaves, chicken wings amongst much more. Follow this by choosing one of their main dishes like their mixed grill, baked aubergine or grilled seabass. If you have an ounce of room left then you can happily fill it with some Lebanese baklava.

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Want to know how much Bristolians love Matina? Look at the queue. At almost any point of the day, you'll see a huge line of people patiently waiting for their turn to order one of their pillowy, spicy, Kurdish wraps. Based at the corner of St Nick's market, everything's cooked in front of you as you're ordering - from the charcoaled meats and veg to the kurdish naan bread. It's simple food, beautifully done and we guarantee you'll thank us for the tip.

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Station Kitchen

The Kitchen have two aims: to serve great tasting food and to give opportunities for young people to volunteer, train and gain employment. You can expect beautifully presented food made fresh and daily, with hearty brunches and healthy lunches served for under a fiver. Chargrilled chicken flatbreads and grilled halloumi pittas are a popular lunch choice, with vegan dishes and sharing mezzes also available served at the modest price of £6.

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Chilli Daddy

Chilli Daddy offer simple prices for simply fantastic food. The family-owned business remains a popular choice amongst locals for over five years now, serving the masses with Szechuan food since they opened their stall back in 2011. Today its popularity remains, and this is evident by watching the hungry swarm of customers eagerly awaiting their mains at the lunchtime rush. Their menu features dumpling meals which are delightful and reasonably priced at £5.50, along with a choice of noodle dishes served with beef, pork or tofu and aromatic sauces for the same price. Head over to St Nicks for a quick fill up on spicy south-west cuisine, or dine in one of their restaurants either in Clifton or Baldwin Street.

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Yume Kitchen

Yume Kitchen is an original Wriggle gem and the front-runner in Bristol’s Japanese eateries. The city’s first Japanese owned and run restaurant continue to warm customers with first-rate, authentic and affordable Japanese food. The menu is fresh, simple and far from intimidating, offering a helping hand for beginners in Japanese cuisine (disclaimer - there isn’t just sushi on the menu). Classic Katsu dishes, hearty rice bowls, bento boxes and sushi pieces are all individually rich in flavour and kept at a keen price. You can leave full, satisfied and enriched in Japanese culture, a special dining experience without splashing out.

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Ray's Pizza @ The Crofters Rights

Rays has a soft spot in Alex's heart because when she first moved to Bristol in March 2016, it was her first port of call after unpacking all the boxes. There are plenty of pizza places around Bristol and some really excellent ones at that but, when it comes to value for money without losing quality, Rays wins out. Because Ray’s is inside the Crofters Rights, you can just order your pizza, grab a beer and take a seat. There’s nothing better than a mid week pub and pizza right?

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Gopals Curry Shack

We’ve always loved Gopal’s and was really pleased for them when they successfully crowdfunded enough dosh to open a place in Wapping Wharf. Their vegetarian and vegan indian food is always delicious, especially those garam masala roasted sweet potatoes! The grab-n-go buddha box makes a tasty, filling meal and is perfect for al fresco dining by the harbourside.

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Cathay Rendezvous

The food here is almost as grand as the building itself, the interior resembles something out of a James Bond film and the food will leave you positively shaken (with joy) not stirred. The large round tables are great for big celebrations, but they also have those dark corners for a more intimate experience. With a 2 -3 course lunch menu that can only be described as a steal, you can eat like a emperor with the wallet of a pauper .

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Three Brothers Burgers

You literally can't have a cheap eats list without mentioning the crazy £5 lunch deal at Three Brothers. All through lunch, Monday - Saturday until 5pm you can grab a burger and chips for a fiver. Add your wone extras and a drink if you are that way inclined and you will struggle to beat this deal.

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Lovett Pie Palace

How many cities have you been to where there's a palace dedicated to pies?! This palace is actually a converted shipping container in the ever-expanding Cargo development on the south side of the harbour. Let us tell you, their pies are ruddy amazing. With a fantastic array of fillings available (our faves are the lentil & rarebit and beef, ale & blue cheese), you're sure to find one you love. There's also the option to takeaway cold or eat hot there and then. That's when it gets really good. Marry your pie up with amazing sides like mushy peas, liquor (gravy), bacon bits and roasted veg. So, so good.

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I Love Hoagies

Do you like sandwiches? Do you like massive sandwiches? Do you like massive sandwiches chocked full of delicious things like 12-hour brisket? Then this place is a dream come true. With plenty of veggie offerings as well, you can take your pick of filling for this bready goliath and then commence gorging. If you're not at a groaning level of full by the time you've finished, then we'd be concerned that you have some kind of medical issue that needs immediate attention.

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Grain Barge

Starting life as - you've guessed it - a grain barge, it's now a well-loved Bristol bar floating in the harbour. Apart from the amazing views, it also does a mean cheap eats menu that'll suit vegans to meat eaters alike. We love the fisherman's pie and vegan "meatball" sandwiches. We also love a summer's evening sat outside watching the sunset over the city with some pints of Bristol Beer Factory. Perfect.

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Mud Dock

Not only does Mud Dock have the best sun terrace, and some of the best views of the harbour, it also makes some tidy lunch at a very nice price. Our favourite is the Chicken Shawarma - juicy, fall-apart chicken that's been marinaded in yoghurt and spices overnight and then grilled on an open fire and served up with flat bread and raita. The writer of this article is literally drooling thinking about how good it is.

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Chai Walla

Nestled right in the centre of the ever-busy Stokes Croft, Chai Walla is a fantastic refuelling stop for commuters and partygoers alike. Serving up generous portions at very affordable prices, you'd be forgiven for thinking the quality might be lacking. No, no - the Indian streetfood they sell is packed full of vibrant flavours. If it's your first time, get yourself an onion bhaji wrap filled with chutney, salad and raita. It's a game-changer,

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Five Grains

Five Grains brings a healthy and rustic Middle Eastern style to city-centre folk - with their specialty being the Manoushé, a Lebanese flatbread, which is filled with with a variety of options, including minced lamb, cheese, cucumber, tomatoes and olives. Those looking for lunch pudding (it's a thing!) you can have yours stuffed with chocolate spread, fruit, nuts and honey. These are served with fresh juices and smoothies which are created in front of you - either an entirely fruit and vegetable type affair, or for a sweet toothed morning enhancer, try one of their energy boosters. We go gaga for the green one.

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Sweet Mart

For those who are busy and lack the time (or the skills) to cook, Sweet Mart has absolutely got your back. Join the queue at the deli counter and take your pick from curries, dals, samosas and chaat boxes. You can easily pick up a few days worth of food, with sides for £10 or less and stock up on ingredients for a batch cooking weekend.

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Shake Wrap & Roll

If you like to eat big but also a very pro value for money you need to head over to Shake Wrap & Roll. Glenn and his team of wrapsters are stuffing tortillas to bursting with fresh ingredients all sourced from the local area. Choose from the perfectly curated menu or go off piste and marvel at how much one person can stuff in a flatbread. An office fave is the falafel with salad, mango salsa, got sauce and yogurt, enough to keep you going til dinner.

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Where can you find a filling, freshly prepped and hot lunch and the best view in central Bristol? That would be Bambalan! Recent winners of Best Mediterranean at the Bristol Good Food Awards, they have taken the humble flatbread to new heights with marinated lamb, grilled chicken, crunchy, salad, zingy yogurt toppings and all finished off with a sexy sauce. You can enjoy this masterful creation whilst casting your eye over the city centre and to the Mendips on a clear day if you can get a better lunch with a better view in Bristol, we want to hear about it.

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Published -14th March 2018