Easton-dwellers, falafel fans and wrap aficionados will probably already be familiar with the wonderful Baba Ganoush, over on Stapleton Road. Their enormous wraps are the stuff of legend - bursting with tasty fillings, vibrant salad, and the most goddamn delicious hummus and baba ganoush ever to grace the streets of Bristol. Well, things just got even better, with the launch of their new bottomless mezze menu. Yes, you read that right - BOTTOMLESS MEZZE. The Wriggle team made the pilgrimage to Easton to check it out...

When we arrived, Baba Ganoush was abuzz with clusters of people, giving the cosy, colourful venue a welcoming atmosphere. Each group was giving off a slightly different vibe, and we quickly realised that there was a direct correlation between the expressions on their faces and the state of their plates... Some were bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, filled with enthusiasm; they were hungry, their plates were piled high, and they were eager to get stuck in to bottomless mezze. Others were visibly flagging, but valiantly continued nibbling at their half-finished plates, keen to finish off the tasty treats that had kept them coming back for second, third, and fourth helpings. Others still were silent and weary, their faces fatigued, but clearly contented. Their plates were clean, their bellies were full, and their souls were soothed and satisfied. These seasoned eaters had finished their bottomless mezze, they were proud of their attempts, and they gave us a sage nod of encouragement as we made our way to the counter.

Bristol-inspired graffiti adorns the walls at Baba Ganoush - check out the pangolin mural outside!

First, we made a beeline for the cold starters counter. Plates were loaded up with traditional homemade treats: zingy hummus, rich, smokey and smooth baba ganoush, pickled pink turnips, and a whole host of fresh salads to keep things light. Chef Shad then dosed us up with his homemade falafel - all crispy, crunchy exteriors and soft, golden insides. Next came the hot main dishes, which we greedily self-served. These change daily, according to what Shad cooks up each day. We were presented with slow-cooked okra in a rich, gently spiced tomato sauce, and kaushari - a lovely dish made with green lentils, white rice, fried onions, and spicy chilli tomato dressing. We were also delighted by a huge platter of samosas - most of us took three...

Kaushari - a delicious dish made with lentils, rice, and fried onions

Silence fell as we sat down with our first platefuls, and began steadily working our way through our own personal food Everest. Little conversation pierced the silence - the odd nod of appreciation was exchanged, and we all agreed that Baba Ganoush's baba ganoush was definitely delicious enough to name the place after! Side note: the baba ganoush is seriously insane - who knew that aubergine could be so tasty?  As we ate, we were brought plates of soft flatbread, perfect for scooping up every last morsel of juicy, saucy goodness. Soon enough, certain members of the Wriggle team were back up for seconds, thirds, and in one case (naming no names), even fourths. We ate, we ate, and we were still encouraged to eat more by the lovely B.G. team. Eventually, we were beaten. Like a plague of locusts, we had absorbed everything in our paths - and it was vibrant, fresh, hearty and delicious. We were tired, we were full, and we were very, very happy. 

Full marks if your plate looks this neat and tidy. 

The Wriggle verdict? If you're looking for fresh, hearty soul food that will leave you full to the brim not only with delicious dishes, but of warm, toasty feelings of love and good vibes, Baba Ganoush's bottomless mezze is the one for you. Don't just take our word for it, though - click here to try it yourself through Wriggle!   Let us know what you think! 

Published -7th December 2017