Errrmegggerd Pancake season is HERE. Shrove Tuesday is peeking round the corner and we couldn't be more flippin' excited. Everyone knows breakfast and brunch foods are the best kind of foods, especially when they're made with those three magic little ingredients. Who knew those fluffy, flat little cakes could make us so unbelievably happy?

Because you deserve to brunch like a champ, here's where to get stacked in Bristol this Pancake Day. 

For all you crêpe lovers of Bristol, there's a new French gang in town, and we couldn't be happier! They make authentic crêpes & galettes, in the traditional way of Britanny (it's the birthplace of crêpes, if ya didn't know). In true French fashion, the menu is composed of a wide array of galettes - buckwheat savoury crêpes (which also happen to be gluten-free) - and a cracking range of sweet crêpes with out-of-this-world toppings.

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At The Well's pancake brunches are spectacular: expect mounds of pancakes dripping in maple syrup with bacon or blueberries and a big cafetière full of steaming hot coffee. After a short time sitting amidst the tinkling of coffee cups and washing machine white-noise, you’ll really appreciate the creative interior of this hub of inclusivity and community.

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Head over to Quay Street Diner asap to indulge in one of their glorious stacked pancakes dishes. We're talking delicate, fluffy pancakes that gently melt in your mouth, topped with a burst of flavour from the maple syrup and the blueberries... Yes, we're getting hungry already! For the meat-eaters out there you can opt for some deliciously crispy bacon and maple syrup, a classic that never fails to satisfy our hungry tummies! Fancy something more on the healthier side? Go for the fresh fruit, yoghurt and maple syrup option, this beauty will surely not disappoint!

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Spoke & Stringer have brought their amazing selves to Whiteladies Road, and we couldn't be happier! With a stylish shop focussed on ride culture in all it's shapes and forms – and a great cafe – this is a proper destination.

Food-wise you'll find cracking house pancakes topped with bacon, maple syrup and seasonal fruits – all with a clear focus on quality and nutritional value. You won't leave parched, either, as there's a cornucopia of proper coffee.

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Is this the smallest coffee spot in Bristol? Tucked away on the beautiful Princes Bridge, the Crêpe & Coffee Cabin is a wonderfully cosy, perfectly petite little spot to grab a pick me up.

Crêpe wise, we're talking fat, fully filler, and utterly delicious beauties – you can't beat the classic Nutella and banana.

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Over at Boston Tea Party (there's a choice of venues depending where in Bristol you need your injection of deliciousness), the pancake fix is a properly satisfying one: expect thick, fluffy Scotch pancakes made with creamy ricotta and a lemony zing, adorned with deeply savoury smoked bacon and lashing of maple syrup, or if you want something a tiny bit less decadent, plump for blueberry compote and Greek yoghurt.

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Slap bang in the heart of Stokes Croft opposite the graffiti-laden Carriage-works, the Crafty Egg is a welcoming cafe with a relaxed vibe. They also whip up some awesome American style pancakes with some killer toppings. From classics like streaky bacon and maple syrup to Nutella, banana and mixed berries, there's something to suit your particular pancakey craving.

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A trusted and highly praised cafe taking Bristol by storm, Spicer + Cole are serving consistently great coffee, freshly prepared seasonal food and delicious cake creations.

On the pancakes front, you can look forward to buttermilk beauties, piled high with either blueberries, greek yoghurt and maple syrup, or if you've got a savoury tooth you can enjoy yours topped off with crispy bacon and maple syrup.

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It's hard to narrow-down what makes Ironworks just so awesome. But we'll give it a try: there's the fantastic owners, Buster and Jackie, and their infectious never-ending enthusiasm. The equally brilliant Tinka – the tiny little cafe-dog, running around like a mini-Chewbaca. Oh and also the pancakes. Choose from either a 3 or 6 stack with toppings including Nutella, bacon, fruit and hazelnuts.

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Nestled between Clifton Village and The Triangle, 99 Queens has become quite the social hub. Having attracted a large regular customer following, the team have established themselves as an award-winning brunchery. They offer exciting twists on those classics you crave - think pancakes with black pudding, crispy black bacon, poached eggs, and maple syrup.

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Sittin' on the Mud-Dock of the bay (well, floating harbour), this is the perfect place to be wastin' time, watching the ships roll in. Their buttermilk pancakes are just great and come with toppings such as braised apple and salted caramel and Nutella, banana and hazelnut. Whether you're with or sans bike, roll over to the Mud Dock – it's wheely good.

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We love to celebrate Bristol’s independent scene and so do the team at The Malago –a modern restaurant over the river serving modern British cuisine with some welcome European influences. Choose from either American pancakes with bacon and maple syrup or seasonal compote and creme frachie, either topping is damn fine.

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The North Street Standard is the second offering from the team behind the Urban Standard. Like it's older brother, it takes inspiration from the industrial-chic feel of New York's Lower East Side, with its effortlessly cool, understated space. Pop along and fuel your pancake cravings with their mouthwatering blueberry buttermilk pancakes topped with streaky bacon and maple syrup.

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FUELD is the place to be for all things healthy, tasty and nutritious. Pancakes and healthiness don't usually align, but here they do. FUELD's protein pancakes are complete with gluten-free oats, egg, banana, cinnamon, almond butter, blueberry and SF protein powder. This is one for the health nuts.

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Deck Cafe is a cosy independent Hungarian cafe offering mouth-watering food and super friendly service: that's what Hungarian hospitality is all about! Picture this: Hungarian Crepes filled with sautéed apple and custard. Need we say more? Seasonal specials run alongside classic pancake staples such as bacon and maple syrup or fruit and yog.

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Got a sweet tooth? You're going to love Coco's, then. Based over on the bustling Stapleton Road in Easton, these guys are purveyors of the finest desserts and sugar fixes in the city. Whatever your craving, the Coco's team are definitely going to be able to satisfy it.

We can't get enough of their decadently loaded, extravagantly sweet crêpes – best enjoyed with an unctuous, thick 'n' creamy milkshake for maximum indulgence.

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Published -1st February 2020