OK, technically not ‘ice-cream’ as it's Gelato, BUT - Swoon comes in as a favourite on a hot summer's day, or actually, any day. The creamy gelato goodness is made daily on site, with all of the ingredients coming over from Italy - so you can trust that it’s authentic. With monthly new flavour polls alongside firm favourites (pistachio often comes out on top). You can enjoy scoops in a tub, swoon on a stick, swoondaes (the same as sundaes - like what they did there) and other dessert based items with this versatile goodie - they even whack it in cocktails. The only snag being it is very popular, so on a hot sunny day you may need to queue for your fix, it will be worth it though, we promise.

Fairly new to the Bristol ice-cream ranks, Oliver’s is a new opening in Cargo 2 at Wapping Wharf. A fan of cider? Well, this is where you can indulge in a Thatchers (Gold or Katy mind) sorbet. So basically one of life's greatest creations. The flavours here change regularly due to the fact that they aren't afraid to experiment and try something new (banana & peanut butter anyone?) plus, it's in a fantastic spot on the harbourside where you can take your ice-cream and soak up the views and atmosphere. 

This gorgeous little vintage camper van serves its award winning ice-cream on Bristol’s college green. Using seasonal flavours and local ingredients and suppliers, vee double moo are all about championing what is great around us in the south west. The camper van is also available for wedding parties, children's parties or if you just fancy one big ice cream blow out! Stick a flake in me, I'm done.

These new kids on the block opened in St Nick’s Market recently and do things a little bit differently than the norm. They make ice cream with liquid nitrogen, yes, you did read that right. So, the traditional way in which to make ice-cream involves stirring the cream as it is slowly frozen, which breaks up the ice crystals as they form to stop the formation of large crystals. However, in using liquid Nitrogen, this freezes the mixture so quickly that large ice crystals don't have time to form, which creates (in the lads own words), the ‘smoothest ice cream in Bristol’. The whole process is a great scene to behold, with the guys donning their protective glasses and handling the equipment and the taste is one of pure joy. Again, not afraid to experiment with flavours mean the menu can be unpredictable, but never boring.

Thanks Natalie Brereton from Stuffed365 for this post 

Published -17th July 2017