It's the last BEATS party of the year and they're going out with a bang! Heading to the iconic King Street expect food, beer and good times! 

Teaming up with yours truly at Wriggle, we have created some fantastic offers with traders for you to get your laughing gear around.

These Brioche Baps are monstrously good. El Pepito is sugar cured pork belly, chorizo butter, confit paprika onions with garlic mayo, The Pollo Loco is slow cooked chicken, roast chicken skin mayo, salted pickles, and a smoked aubergine and tomato sauce in a curry, honey and almond bap and El Chapo Jr is chargrilled aubergines, a herby 3 cheese sauce, cumin tomatoes, a pomegranate molasses, sumac and red onion relish. 

This is served up with the specialty La Grassa potatoes - confit potatoes, a herby 3 cheese sauce, smoked scotch bonnet hot sauce and a pork crackling crumb (for vegetarians, make sure to request without the Pork Crackling crumbs).

Grab this deal here 

Ah-Ma’s takes traditional Cantonese dim sum and blends in fresh originality to bring you delicious culinary creations. All delicately handmade from scratch using the tastiest vegetables and locally-sourced free range meat.

Take a Bao

Missing a bit of sausage in your life? Let the Sausage Genius show you how it's done. Take your pick between any 3 sandwiches from his extensive selection. And enjoy!


These guys bring you a mouth-tingling taste of Texas, with a mission to provide a more authentic taste of wood smoked pulled pork, beef and chilli sausage piled high into one mega bap. Giving a hint of fire and a punch of Texan spice. This place is one of a kind with its Texan-made 12 foot smoker, using only the best wood to give that smokey taste.

Pull on your cowboy boots  (£3.95)

Try any of the Pickled Brisket's famous Salt Beef in a Salt Beef Box.

They cure locally sourced beef farmed on the Somerset Levels and serve it on bread from a local family bakery. They even have their own mustard produced here in Bristol by Gingerbeard's Preserves. Each sandwich is carved to order to provide a hot salt beef sandwich that would be fit to grace the plate of any New York deli. 

Get your hot beef injection here (£3.95)

These will give you something to Taco 'bout! Choose from TLT's outstanding selection of freshly prepared tacos - and receive your 2 Tacos (of the same filling) with a range of options for both meaties and veggies.

Taco, taco, taco early bird! (£3.95)

Feel the Rhythm! Feel the Rhyme! Bag yourself a Tasty Ragga Meal Deal - take your pick between their beautiful Jamaican mains of: 1. Jerk Chicken Thigh, 2. Jerk Pulled Pork, or 3. Bean & Coconut Burger - and get it all served up with Rice & Peas, and Ital Coleslaw.

Grab your Jamaican feast here (£3.95)

Published -20th September 2017