Back once again with the ill behaviour, BEATS is gearing up for another summer of sunshine, tunes and street food.

Teaming up with yours truly at Wriggle, we have created some fantastic offers with traders for you to get your laughing gear around.

Los Hermanos

Los Hermanos Combinados is awesome streetfood run by two Brothers - one trained chef and one loveable genius - who together are on a mission to make your mouth water with deliciousness. This is tasty and inventive stuff - prime example being the stunning "El Pepito", a bap filled with sugar cured pork belly, chorizo butter confit paprika onions, roasted red peppers, roast garlic mayo on a brioche bap. Phwoar

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Wild and Rustic

Wild & Rustic is a pop-up catering company based in the South West. With a passion for Wild Foods they create culinary delights, inspired by the rural countryside and bring them to the city. They source Wild Venison and Game, working closely with The Real Cure Charcuterie Company and Deerstalkers from Dorset and Berkshire. Their Venison is better than free range; it’s wild. What’s more, the deer’s free-foraging, far-ranging, truly wild lifestyle makes it uniquely delicious and healthy.

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The Little Taquero

These guys bring you a mouth-tingling taste of Mexico and Central America, with a mission to provide a more authentic range of delicious, fresh treats. Everything is made in-house, their delicious salsas, authentic Belizean frijoles, chunky guacamole, even their soft, gluten-free corn tortillas are freshly pressed each morning!

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Tasty Ragga

Tasty Ragga (AKA Myles Bartlett & co.) serve up Caribbean wraps to the masses. Almost everything, from the spice mixes for the marinades, to the Jerk sauce, is homemade.

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Born out of a shared love of Sri Lankan cuisine, Sri-Licious is the creation of close friends Mary and Callie. Specialist street food dishes, prepared lovingly from scratch; we’re talking authentic egg hoppers, delicious short eats, adventurous sambals and a few extra special dishes too! Environmentally conscious, their carefully chosen ingredients are sourced locally as much as possible (though sadly coconuts don't grow in this country!) and the packaging, from bowls and cutlery, right down to drinking straws, are 100% compostable.

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Smoke Catering

A 2011 road trip around the huge and iconic piece of America known as the ‘Lone Star State’ (Texas, y'all) led to the creation of Smoke Catering by husband and wife team Claire and Robyn Dacey – a Somerset local and American respectively – providing authentic Texan BBQ thanks to their original, Texan-made 12 foot smoker. Using only seasoned wood logs, they create a fire in the smoker's firebox; along it's journey through the smoker, the smoke penetrates the meat, breaking down the fats to produce a beautiful, juicy, and buttery texture. The smoke adds a subtle, but unmistakable, hint of fire and flavour.

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Published -31st May 2017