Back once again with the ill behaviour, BEATS is gearing up for another summer of sunshine, tunes and street food.

Teaming up with yours truly at Wriggle, we have created some fantastic offers with traders for you to get your laughing gear around.

A 2011 road trip around the huge and iconic piece of America known as the ‘Lone Star State’ (Texas, y'all) led to the creation of Smoke Catering by husband and wife team Claire and Robyn Dacey – a Somerset local and American respectively – providing authentic Texan BBQ thanks to their original, Texan-made 12 foot smoker. Using only seasoned wood logs, they create a fire in the smoker's firebox; along it's journey through the smoker, the smoke penetrates the meat, breaking down the fats to produce a beautiful, juicy, and buttery texture. The smoke adds a subtle, but unmistakable, hint of fire and flavour.

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Published -31st May 2017