Remember when doughnuts were about 30p, filled with jam and came in a bag from the supermarket? Or the defrosted chocolate "rings" everyone over 28 will remember from the school canteen? Things have moved on ever so slightly and things have got a little bit upmarket and artisan of late. Move over Krispy Kreme and hello to the independent bakeries frying, filling and flogging these indulgent, comforting balls of deep filled splendor. 

Tin Can are big on the "making everything from scratch" thing and we are very grateful for it. Fast becoming one of "the places" to head to when you get a craving fro some thing sweet and deep filled, Tincan are making some of the best tasting and looking doughnuts in town. We love the banana custard and macerated dates, Honeycomb and cream and the White chocolate and raspberry cheesecake.

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Pinkmans Bakery is a three-story mecca for those that love bread and pastry. The sour-doughnuts are filled to bursting causing the counter to almost start groaning under the weight of these delicious things. All made from the in house sourdough and always pushing the envelope when deciding on flavours, Pinkmans is definitely somewhere to test out that sweet tooth. We love the Sticky Toffee Pudding and Gingernut Matcha flavour.

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Hobbs House are spreading their wings in Bristol with shops on both Indie hubs, Gloucester Road and North Street. Their doughnuts are made with a brioche recipe and are stuffed to bursting with seasonal fillings. Our top tip is to head in around 10am and wait patiently for the first few to hit the front counter, you won't be disappointed (and should probably get two!)

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What's better than one doughnut? Five doughnuts! This gorgeous Italian, neighborhood restaurant not only serves up pasta dishes that would make your Nona gasp but pudding is a very doughnutty affair. 5 mini doughnuts known as Bomboloni are served up with a regular changing duo of dips. Recent dips have included chocolate and espresso and raspberry with lemon curd.

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The Joe's bakery site has been baking loaves and sweet treats for over 120 years! All that knowledge washing around the place means these guys do a brilliant jammy doughnut. As traditional as they come, packed full of raspberry jammy goodness, made and fried onsite and costing less than £1 each, its definitely a Wriggle favourite.

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Published -15th November 2017