We might be slightly biased, but we’re firmly of the opinion that Bristol is home to the best burgers in the country. Fact.

If you’re barmy about burgers but are sick of the same old, same old, then you’re in for a treat. With National Burger Day just around the corner, we’ve hand-picked the quirkiest burger options that Bristol has to offer. Leave the dull old hamburgers behind and wrap your lips around these weird and wonderful creations. 

Whether you’re a veggie, vegan or full-blown carnivore, we’ve got something here to tickle your tastebuds.

You haven’t had a proper Bristol burger ‘til you’ve had Squeezed. Chef and owner Alex Hayes slings delicious burgers and tart homemade lemonade from their crate down at Cargo and is as close as you can get to being an actual foodie wizard, which is perhaps why he was named Burger Chef of the Year at this year’s National Burger Awards. His creations are totally out of the ordinary, and now somewhat legendary on the Bristol burger scene; as well as caper and bacon aioli to dip yo’ chips, one of their most inventive burgers is the NY Seoul - a beef patty with Korean gochugang sauce, confit shallots, and cucumber and chilli pickles. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever tasted!

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Remember when the only thing that was available for veggies at burger restaurants was a sad, grey mushroom in a bun? Well, no more! The Senor Veggie from those masters of grill craft, Asado, completely flips standard veggie fodder on its head. Taking their name from the revered Argentinian method of grilling meat, the folks at Asado kick out some pretty badass burgers, their signature beef offering grilled to pink perfection and smothered in chimichurri. This vegetarian behemoth really does take the crown, though - between their signature bun lies a roasted red sweet pepper stuffed to the brim with mozzarella cheese and deep fried to oozy, gooey, melty veggie perfection. Add a dash of pesto mayo and voila, heaven in a bun.

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‘Meaty Mountiain’ from Three Brothers combines a succulent beef patty, with a double stack of potato rosti, Reblochon cheese, sweet cured bacon, gherkins and a touch of American mustard. What makes this elegant burger taste so much better is that the much-loved Three Brothers Burgers is situated aboard the Spyglass on Welsh Back, so if you want a stunning view of the water with your side o’ fries, then you’re in luck.

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Vegans, get ready to kiss Burger Theory squarely on the lips for reinventing the vegan burger as you know it. Earning a reputation for themselves as ‘the creative burger people’, Burger Theory have earned a loyal following on the Bristol burger scene. Their awesome vegan selection means no more chowing down on soggy bean burgers - have a sample of their tofu and quinoa creation, equal parts mouth-watering tofu succulence and crunchy quinoa coating, served up with house-made pickles and slathered in dirty burger sauce. If any of their other creations tickles your fancy you can also sub a beef patty for a vegan ‘moving mountains’ burger - the possibilities are endless!

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Ok, you want to get weird? You want to get really, really weird? Test the limits of your imagination with the brilliant Burger Joint, another long-standing Bristol favourite with a loyal following. With their ‘build your own’ menu, the only limit to your burger dreams is your own creativity. Choose your bready foundation, pick your burger from an entire Noah’s Ark of meat (or veggie) options including ostrich and wild boar, then go crazy with toppings, with additions such as black pudding, mac ‘n’ cheese, onion rings, chilli con carne, pulled jackfruit and an entire shopping list of cheeses.

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If you want your takeaway with a side order of potential heart attack, step right this way to YoYo Burger. This legendary Bristol burger joint has been slamming out patties to the people of this fair city for over 10 years. What sets them apart from the rest, however, is one item on their menu - The Donut Burger; a 6oz beef patty smothered with cheese and served on two Krispy Kreme glazed doughnuts. What really is the icing on the cake (or donut) is the fact that Yoyo deliver until 4am, seven days a week, so you can chow down on a donut burger in the wee small hours if it’s been a particularly long night, we won’t judge, and neither will they.

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Published -19th August 2019