The sun's out and life is goooood. Get yourself away from the desk with our top selection of lunchtime Wriggles that either have amazing outdoor space or are a stones throw away from a perfect sunny location.

Five Grains is the perfect answer to a hot day. Their signature manoushé is a vibrant Lebanese flatbread stuffed full of fresh veg and/or meat and combined with traditional Lebanese herbs and spices. They continue the fresh theme with their made-to-order juices and smoothies - all juiced in front of you. Grab it as a takeout and head to Castle Park to enjoy.

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When the sun's out, there's nothing like an icy cold bubble tea from the CUPP team to sort you out. It's literally bursting with flavour from the tapioca bubbles inside and makes it an amazingly refreshing summer-time drink.

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I don't think there is any other place that has views quite like Mud Dock. Their outdoor space is absolutely perfect to catch some lunchtime sun and the views across the harbour make it an absolute must-visit.

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Station Kitchen's outdoor space is an absolute sun-trap and is relatively hidden away in the centre of Bristol (could be because it looks like a fire station). As it's enclosed, you get all the sun without any of the wind - heaven!

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Just over the river is The Woolly Cactus - a permanent food truck that serves up some top notch Mexican goodies for the hungry masses. Grab your burrito (or fajita) and settle down in Castle Park for a good feed.

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Over at Cargo is the excellent Cider Shop who not only do a great cheese toastie, but have an amazing view of the harbour outside. Settle in and let Seb give you a little tour of their cider at the same time. It'd be rude not to have a snifter or two.

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Published -22nd May 2017