Sod breakfast – dessert is the most important meal of the day. And there are so many joyous occasions to celebrate the humble pud this month. After being such a healthy little peanut throughout Jan, loosen those shackles and partake in Wriggle’s celebration of all things sugary. 

Every Tuesday for the month of February we’ll be releasing a feast of fat desserts for you to sink your hungry little gnashers into. These aren’t just any old desserts though, expect ice cream sandwiches, sweet rainbow vegan bao, dessert and wine flights, and dessert cocktails all from Bristol’s best Indies. You, dear Wriggler, are in for a real treat. If sweet treats of the pancake kind are what you're after, check out our guide to Bristol's top pancakes. 

Grab your sweetest pal and ready your tummy for some delightful desserts from the amazing guys at The Florist. These will definitely satisfy that sweet tooth of yours, we guarantee it. Delicious options on offer include a vegan chocolate and orange tart with lychee sorbet, Nutella donuts with a white chocolate fudge dip and our particular favourite, banana and peanut butter samosas.

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Bar 44 needs little introduction. They have received national attention and admiration for their Spanish-influenced dishes and their Catalana tart is no exception. A tasty baked crema tart served with orange curd yoghurt sorbet is the perfect way to end your tantalising tapas experience. Or if you're only after a mouthful of sweetness, their chocolate truffles with a sprinkling of sea salt are just divine.

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Tucked away on the picturesque Boyce’s Avenue lies Anna Cake Couture – quite possibly the daintiest, prettiest little purveyor of delicate sweet treats in the whole of Bristol. Anna Cake Couture is every sweet-toothed cake lover’s dream. As well as creating elegant, beautiful wedding cakes in her own bespoke cake-kitchen on Boyce’s Avenue, Anna also hand-crafts a spectacular range of cake flights to be enjoyed in her graceful premises in the heart of Clifton Village.

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This Fat Tuesday celebration is only getting better and better! The amazing guys at Mud Dock have prepared some fab ice cream sandwiches - bloody delicious stuff! Snap this up and Wriggle over - you'll be enjoying an ice cream sandwich made with two oatmeal and white chocolate cookies, and unctuous, oh-so-delicious ice cream in the middle. Proper treat right there!

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Patisserie La Reine quite simply have some of the best French patisserie treats in town. This family-run business specialise in French desserts, doing everything in their power to hand-craft the most perfect of desserts to celebrate your life moments. When you think French patisserie you picture macarons and fresh pastries, but these guys also create delicate fruit tarts, refined mille-feuilles and other dreamy cakes. One step in and you're transported in the most cliché of French patisseries: Cakes. Everywhere.

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Situated in the heart of Bristol, opposite College Green, Swoon serves up some of the finest (and wonderfully aesthetic) artisan gelato. The talented chefs at Swoon use only the finest ingredients in their creamy creations, which are lovingly made from scratch. And they must be doing something right - it's not uncommon to see queues of gelato-seeking Bristolians spilling through Swoon's doors on a sunny day.

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Some of the most recognisable cakes come from the kitchen of Ahh Toots, for the cakes baked here are truly wonderful, decadent works of art. Based in a little cafe in St Nicholas market, I challenge you to walk by without stopping to gawp at the marvellous creations that rival Mr Willy Wonka and his whole factory. Cakes can also be made to order for special occasions and are almost too beautiful to eat.

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Another surprising entry on a list like this you might think, but Woky Ko at Cargo, Wapping Wharf serves up an absolute blinder of a treat with their salted caramel ice cream bao. It looks like a mini burger and can be eaten in the same way, although one might not be enough. We've also seen specials of lemon curd or roasted peanut flavour ice cream too.

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This bakery on Park Street provides naughtiness in the form of their sour-dough-nuts (the clue is in the name). These popular little treats come in a variety of flavours, with the bakers here able to create any combination. Already on the counter have been chocolate orange, gingerbread, passion fruit and white chocolate. Our top tip is to ask for a bag of them, pretend you are 'off to a friends’ and scoff them in one sitting whilst enjoying some solo Netflix and chill.

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You can’t go far wrong with Churros. Luckily for us in Bristol, sexy Spanish all-rounder Pata Negra serves some of the best in the city. A plate full of these sweet treats comes with a pot filled with plenty of chocolate dipping sauce for you to go mad with. I ended up drinking the remainder of the chocolate from the jar when the churros came to an end, which might give you an indication of how great they are.

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As well as some of the best burgers in the business, Three Brothers offer treats in the form of milkshakes and, for those amongst you who fancy something a bit stronger, hardshakes. Shakes come in flavours Oreo cookie, Chocolate and Cherry and even Reese's Peanut butter. Whilst my hardshake of choice would have to be the Whiskey Mac; a vanilla shake with a shot of Monkey Shoulder Whiskey, another of Stone's ginger wine, shaken with caramel sauce and ginger syrup. YUM.

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Beehive Coffee House is the home of the freakshake - where milkshake meets dessert. This place was the first coffee house in Bristol to serve up these monsters and they are definitely not for the faint hearted! A hefty milkshake topped with a doughnut (sometimes even two) and layered with cream, chocolate sauce, biscuits, more get the idea. Not all heroes wear capes, some sell freakshakes.

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The newest resident to Park Street, Mrs Potts Chocolate House is a haven for all of the good things in life. Not only do they have an array of chocolate treats to indulge in, they also have a decadent range of hot drinks to have in or takeaway. The hot chocolate is made with pure ground chocolate and topped with marshmallows if that's your style, and you can choose from white, milk or dark. The chocolate chai also sounds delicious - a special spiced brew cocoa, which also comes as a vegan option.

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Tucked away in St Nicholas Street is Brozen Bar: quite possibly Bristol's most exciting and unusual place to enjoy a cocktail or two. To cut a long story short, it turns out that at -196 degrees, liquid nitrogen has the power to instantly freeze fresh ingredients together, resulting in silky-smooth gelato... and, as it happens, its' mighty tasty too! Having conquered gelato and ice-cream the next step was (naturally) introducing booze to the mixer, and thus the Brozen Bar was born – bringing heavenly frozen cocktails and a hefty serving of Willy Wonka style fun-loving "delight and surprise" to the back streets of Bristol.

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Cowbee is the new artisan dessert parlour overlooking College Green. It’s far more than you’re average gelateria though, these guys bring cows (milk) and bees (honey) together to create some wonderfully delicious ice cream, desserts and cakes. Biscoffi waffles, winter plum and chocolate ripple ice cream and caramel milkshakes are just a few of the tantalising options on offer.

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Cargo 2 is the home to Oliver’s Ice cream, a small and sweet artisan parlour serving creamy gelato in tubs and waffle cones. Feast your eyes on the 18 flavours in the rotating cabinet, all of which are made from natural, locally-sourced ingredients prepared fresh on site. Italian custard, dolce latte and apple crumble are just a few of the favourites and they don’t stop at gelato - they also make a range of Sorbets (Thatchers Gold, anyone?) and dairy-free options to give you full reign to satisfy your sweet tooth.

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Bright and vibrant restaurant Nutmeg in Clifton Village has grown itself a sterling reputation in offering the finest in Indian cuisine. I bet you've never thought of this place for a late night sweet treat though! The chai crème brulee is creamy and warming, whilst the gulab jamun (deep-fried doughballs soaked in a green cardamom and cinnamon syrup) hits all the right indulgent spots. Our favourite is the homemade kulfi, a classic rose flavoured Indian dessert served with zingy, fresh sorbet.

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Jay Raynor loved it, we love it, Bristol loves it. One of the main reasons we love it is for this beauty picture above. This is thier sought after dessert staple - Vanilla Pannacotta served with orange and hazelnuts. Another seasonal special that has your name all over it, is a dark chocolate tart with Griottines cherries and pistachio.

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Root is a small restaurant serving well thought out small plates with a heavy leaning on seasonal fruit and veg. The beautiful concoction you see above is a doughnut topped with a prune, on a bed of mincemeat ice cream. Their white chocolate cheesecake with baileys and honeycomb is truly special and don't even get us started on their chocolate, fudge brownie.

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Birch is a small British restaurant set in the picturesque Southville in South Bristol. The aim at Birch is simple: to use local seasonal produce to create stunning small plates. This is none more apparent than in their dessert menu. Think chestnut & chocolate tart with hibiscus wild berry ice cream and crème caramel & hazelnut biscotti. How lovely.

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Gambas is a seafood-focused, Spanish-inspired tapas bar and terrace with a gorgeous and breathtaking view over Bristol's sparking harbourside. Take a pew and indulge in one of their utterly delicious puds straight from the med. Choose from dishes such as crema catalana, sherry trifle and goxua (a basque sponge cake with lemon and caramel. There's even a dessert flight with paired wine to share if you're having trouble deciding.

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For all you crêpe lovers of Bristol, there's a new French gang in town, and we couldn't be happier! They make authentic crêpes & galettes, in the traditional way of Britanny (it's the birthplace of crêpes, if ya didn't know). In true French fashion, the menu is composed of a wide array of galettes - buckwheat savoury crêpes (which also happen to be gluten-free) - and a cracking range of sweet crêpes with out-of-this-world toppings.

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Harbour & Browns is a gorgeous spot for great food and charming views over the harbour. It's also a gorgeous spot for indulging your sweet tooth. The star of the dessert show is the homemade doughnuts with syringe-your-own sauce, how fun! Another choice pick is the strawberry, mint & white chocolate cheesecake.

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Seven Lucky Gods are all about Japanese fusion dishes and delicious cocktails. Inspired by the izakaya bars of Tokyo, you'll find all kinds of treats here. We HAVE to tell you about their sweet sando's though. There's two to choose from: chocolate & ginger ice cream sando with poached pear and chocolate sauce or Yuzu & sesame ice cream sando, topped with raspberries. Trust us, you ain't never tried anything like this.

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Set aside a few hours, and head on over to the endlessly beautiful East Village Café in Clifton Village for a lazy morning of tip-top coffee, tasty food, and proper you-time. Be sure to leave room for a little sweet treat, though - once you spy the absolutely dazzling range of mouthwatering cakes, brownies, loaves and slices weighing down the counter, you're not going to be able to resist.

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This blink-and-you’ll-miss-it bijoux bakery on Park Row specialises in incredible flaky pastries, syrupy baklava and cheesy spanokopita, all washed down with a punchy strong Greek coffee. Expect a warm welcome in their perfectly formed premises; take a perch on one of the stools at the bar and watch the world go by whilst demolishing Bristol's best baklava.

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People of Bedminster, rejoice! Earthcake have opened up a quirky shop over on North Street and they're all about that sweet stuff. Whenever you fancy something a proper slice of cake, these guys have got to be your go-to shop. They make a cracking range of cakes that are 100% dairy and egg-free, and still absolutely mouth-watering and oh-so-tasty. Pair your sweet treat with a steaming cuppa and you've got yourself a perfect afternoon at Earthcake.

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Mariusz Pionka created Pionka's Chocolate with a dream of showing Bristol just how amazing artisan chocolate can be. You'll find this impressive little chocolaterie down on Cheltenham Road where they're busy crafting drinking chocolate recipes to match their delicious products, all made in-house. They make their unique chocolate from bean to bar, using the traditional method of stone grinding sometimes called Mexican-style or chocolate “a la piedra”. They use only two ingredients - cocoa beans and cane sugar, to make a truly amazing flavour with a rustic texture.

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Published -1st February 2020