Wriggle and 6 O’clock Gin are inviting Bristol to raise a toast to the weekend with a free G&T this Friday!

After a long week, what better way to see in the weekend than a crisp G&T? Well, you lucky lot, we've teamed up with Bristol-based 6 O’clock Gin to give you just that. For Free.

Providing you haven't just fainted from sheer excitement, you're probably wondering "How the heck do I get my hands on this free G&T?". Here's the deets.

On Friday at 11am, we'll be releasing 300 Gin & Tonic Wriggles on the app* and website across 6 venues. All you need to do to nab one is go through purchasing it like you would any other Wriggle. But obviously this time you won't be getting charged a penny.

Where can I claim my Gin from? 

We've selected 6 of the best bars from across the city to serve up these botanical beauties. Pick your favourite from below and get ready for 11am on Friday!

Who are 6 O'clock Gin?

Bristol-based 6 O'clock Gin have been crafting their juniper-based delights since 2010, and we think that they are simply exquisite! The award-winning, original London dry gin is a joy from start to finish - with its gorgeous Bristol blue coloured glass bottle, 6 O'clock is a gin that lives up to its 'strikingly smooth' strapline. The beautiful harmony of botanical flavours makes it perfect for after-work drinks. We think you'll love it! 

Find them online, on Twitter and on Facebook

*Super Important info about getting this on the app

So for us to allow free purchases on the app, we had to get our intrepid developers to work their magic. That means you need to pop to the app store and make sure you've updated to the latest version. It'll only take a sec to sort and totally worth it.

Published -25th October 2017