That feeling when you’re out and about in the cold and desperate to warm up isn’t an ideal one is it? Especially with (dare we say it) the 'C' word being just around the corner. Hoards of people suddenly emerge from nowhere with plenty to get done and not much time to stop. Here at Wriggle, we care for you - so we've rounded up some of the best cafes in Bristol serving up delicious hot drinks for you to wrap your mitts around. 

Thanks to Natalie from Stuffed265 for her help on this 

Sometimes we all fancy a good old English cup of tea. Bluebird Tea Company on Park Street has endless possibilities in terms of flavours for autumn and winter. Toffee apple and banana bread chai are available to purchase, as well as spiced pumpkin pie. Looking further forward however (don’t hate us!), you can also treat yourself to Christmas cake tea bags, plus baubles filled with different special editions, such as gingerbread chai and snowball tea. If you want to cosy up in the warm at home, you could splash out on make your own mulled cider or wine kits too.

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Welcome to the world famous Bristol Cider Shop! Okay maybe not world famous but famous in Bristol and the world of cider at least! As the name suggests, they are specialists in that most Bristoly of drinks: cider (and its pear-based little-sister perry). When the weather starts getting a bit nippy they bring out the mulled cider, a must try if you're at Wapping Wharf.

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Is it even a Bristolian mulled cider if you aren't drinking it on a boat on the harbour? The Apple is the place to go to try and pint of the yellow stuff and this year they won't be letting the side down if you like it hot and spicy. Either have yours plain or, add a wee nip of something exciting in there, including Chambord, Port, Rum or Bourbon.

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The newest resident to Park Street, Mrs Potts Chocolate House is a haven for all of the good things in life. Not only do they have an array of chocolate treats to indulge in, they also have a decadent range of hot drinks to have in or takeaway. The hot chocolate is made with pure ground chocolate and topped with marshmallows if that's your style, and you can choose from white, milk or dark. The chocolate chai also sounds delicious - a special spiced brew cocoa, which also comes as a vegan option.

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The Pipe and Slippers' cosy and classic pub interior provides the perfect setting for pulling up an armchair by the fire and not moving. The best thing to drink whilst you're warming your toes is of course a mulled cider! The Pipe & Slippers has a real homely feel about the place, which probably explains why it is so popular with locals and tourists who come to the city. With friendly staff to boot, when it's cold outside, a warm tankard of spicy cider will be awaiting you here.

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Eschewing the "basic" pumpkin spice latte, Josh has taken the humble yet delicious chai and created two very special drinks for the chilly people of Bristol. First a Chai Spiced Puerh - a rich, mellow black tea with a subtle chai kick (using an authentic Indian chai blend); it’s warming, good for you and also not overly milky, for those who aren’t so much of a fan of the milkiness of Christmas drinks ;) I think of it as a sophisticated winter warmer :) The second, a Chai Spiced Hot Choc - hot choc using the above chai blend.What could possibly more Autumnal than a heady, spicy, chocolaty drink enjoyed in a lovely warm cafe?

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The RWA's beautiful new cafe is definitely the one to head to when only stamping your feet and blowing on your hands will make any difference to your core body temperature. Defrost in this beautiful, cosy cafe, order a massive slice of cake and cup their canton chai with hot milk and cinnamon in your cold hands. Perfect.

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Published -9th November 2017