Us lucky peaches at Wriggle got the secrets of the perfect G&T from the professionals. 

In true Bristol spirit, this city has embraced gin. Long gone are the days you'd be served a pint glass of Bombay Sapphire and room temp Schweppes, topped with a sad dry lime quarter. The artisan crowd have finally got their hands on it.

Gin is now a firm favourite on the drinks menu in any bar worth its salt. And it’s gotten so popular it’s replaced 'tea drinker' on many a Twitter bio. 

However, with all the gins out there, plus a minefield of botanicals, garnish and glasses available, ordering a G&T has become a big deal. To help the novice imbiber of the Mothers Ruin, we've spoken to some of the best bar professionals in Bristol and Bath to ask what makes the perfect G&T. 

Luke Robinson - Her Majesty's Secret Service, Clifton

Luke kept it to the point when asked for his tip top gin tipple, and decided against the classic citrus garnish with something a bit sweeter. For him, it’s all about balancing the flavours.

“I'd go with 50ml of Psychopomp gin, 150ml Fever Tree naturally sweet tonic, a sliced strawberry and a sprig of mint by the straw.”

Bella Newman - Sub13, Bath

"For me the perfect G&T has a mixer that sits perfectly next to the main flavours in the gin. I'm a big advocate of savoury, strong flavours. I pair No3 London Dry Gin with Fever Tree Mediterranean tonic, or Peter Spanton's Cardamom tonic.  

There's no need to stick to lemon or lime these days, why not try fresh herbs like sage, thyme or basil to lift the drink onto another level. If you've got a sweeter tooth, try scouting out what are called 'new world gins', these break the boundaries of gin production as the predominant flavours aren't necessarily juniper lead. 

Great examples of these are G-Vine and Gin Mare"

Tom Green - Matthew Clark, Marketing Manager and Spirits Specialist

Glass "A nice well designed hi-ball...appearance is important and to take a drink to the next level every element needs to be right."

Ice  "A full glass of good ice...Ice is just as important as the Gin and the Tonic in this drink. Not enough or poor ice will result in the drink diluting will also dilute to tonic taking away carbonation resulting in a flat tonic water."

Garnish "Gins have such a wide variation of flavour profiles that can benefit from different garnishes. Citrus such as grapefruit and orange, herbs like rosemary and basil and an abundance of fresh fruits from apples to strawberries and much more." 

Steps to the perfect G&T:

Gin Mare and Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic

  • Good clean glass
  • Fill it with ice
  • Garnish - add this before any liquid so that the liquids pass through it to take light flavour. If just rested on the top much less flavour will run through the drink.
  • Add the gin and then the tonic water. 
  • The savoury flavour of the gin matches beautifully with the lighter more mellow style of tonic.

Danny Walker - Psychopomp Gin, Bristol

Danny, one of the founders of Bristols very own Psychopomp Gin, had to be consulted on this. Danny suggests:

  • "Tall thin glass, to keep the tonic fizzy
  • Lots of very cold ice, the bigger the cubes the better
  • 50ml of good gin (Psychopomp would suffice)
  • 100ml of good tonic. Fever Tree is my preference
  • A slice of citrus fruit. Not lime, lime is a flavour bully so only use lime to hide the taste of bad gin
  • That pretty much sums it up.If the ingredients are good you can keep it simple and delicious."

Published -20th February 2017