Coffee can be brilliant. In the right hands, a cup of coffee is as unique and complex in flavour as a good wine or whisky. In the wrong hands, it's a dull mug of caffeine. Treat your taste buds great tasting, ethically sourced, professionally roasted coffee (and sometimes cake!) in a beautiful setting to savour in or enjoy away. 

Exchange Coffee Co (Old Market)

If you're passing through Old Market on your way to work, it's worth picking up your morning mug from Exchange. Beans are sourced from local roaster Clifton Coffee and they're in a great location for a bit of people watching so if you don't fancy rushing off afterwards, you'll be well rewarded.

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Triple Co. Roast 9 (Stokes Croft)

Triple Co Roast is Elementals in-house roastery, the only one in Bristol. They actively encourage you to come and have a chat to Jo, the owner, about the bean roasting process. The best thing about this deal is you can grab a coffee for now and take your beans away for later!

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The Epiphany @ RWA (Whiteladies Road)

The brainchild of Alex Zeal (a man who, it's safe to say, knows a thing or two about coffee) and Bethan Reid (queen of cakes, mistress of macarons and purveyor of delectable Patisserie), The Epiphany's charm is in its unassuming calm. You'll probably want to tell friends and colleagues about it in hushed whispers, lest you're next wait for a window-perch to accompany your morning flat-white or Hobbs' Bread lunchtime sourdough takes a little longer to secure.

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East Village Café (Clifton)

Set aside a few hours, and head on over to the endlessly beautiful East Village Café in Clifton Village for a lazy morning of tip-top coffee, tasty food, and proper you-time. If you're looking for your new favourite café to while away the hours whilst enjoying some properly delicious, expertly made coffee, then look no further than East Village Café.

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Coffee + Beer (Cotham Hill)

Providing only the finest of drinks for beery-eyed fanatics and coffee enthusiasts, Coffee + Beer is a shiny new Espresso Bar within a retail store. Feel free to sample their wide range of loose coffees, or get a taste of their local craft beer pulled straight from the tap. Grab a bottle of beer to go or enjoy a coffee inside their bar with a selection of treats supplied by Pearly King Cakes.

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Cafe Matariki (City Centre)

It's a hidden-secret, Cafe Matariki. Tucked on the opposite bank of the river from Castle Park, about 50m from Bristol Bridge - it's a cafe with a passion for fresh, seasonal and locally-sourced food. Chef Janice Heskett knows her stuff as well, having spent years running an award-winning Clifton Deli, a well-known spot amongst the area's foodies.The coffee is sourced from Little and Long and is best paired with a sweet treat.

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Published -11th January 2018