Yeah yeah yeah, it's St Patrick's Day. Don't let Guinness get you over a beer barrel and enjoy these stouts made within the city walls.  

Arbor Ales - Breakfast Stout

Crane Beer - Cake Stout

Wiper and True - Hard Shake

Bristol Beer Factory - Milk Stout 

Bristol Beer Factory - Ultimate Stout 

Lost And Grounded (& Pressure Drop) - How We Roll

Moor - Stout 

Moor - Dark Alliance

Left Handed Giant - Lactose Tolerant 

Left Handed Giant - Dot Matrix 

Croft Ales - Black Book

Croft Ales - Bean and Gone 

New Bristol Brewery - Super Deluxe Stout 

Dawkins - Foresters Black

Good Chemistry (& Staggeringly Good) - Black Prince

Published -15th March 2018