Drinking gin in Bristol is becoming easier and easier with every pub, bar and restaurant upping their offerings much to the delight of the gin-swilling masses. But it is easy to get lost amongst the sheer volume of gin joints on offer, so here is my insider's guide to some of Bristol's best gin spots.

Situated in a prime waterside location close to where the city docks meet the If you are looking to broaden your gin horizons then you need to head out to The Pumphouse in Hotwells. The Pumphouse has a lot going for it, the outside space is one of Bristol's best sun traps, chef Toby Gritten is a force to be reckoned with (and a big gin fan). Last but certainly not least is the daunting wall of gin behind the bar! The Pumphouse boasts the largest collection of gin in the south west with a mighty 600 plus gins. Not for the indecisive or the faint hearted.

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Better known for their Sherry pairing, Clifton's Bar 44 have been embracing the botanicals in a big way recently. Set in their beautifully spacious bar, you'll get to enjoy a gin cocktail (or two) from their highly-skilled team. As with everything they do, they really focus on flavour so you're guaranteed a great drink. Might as well stick about and get a tapas dish or two to go with that.

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Beneath St Nick's market lurks an immense micro-distillery. A Willy Wonka of a gin bar, full of the most adventurous gin experimentations to come out from across the globe (plus loads of delicious "normal" gins as well). Let BDG's main man David take you on a tour around flavour town, and tuck into some of his favourites, plus plenty of his own concoctions. This is the peak gin experience for the true gin lovers.

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If gin cocktails are your thing, then you should check out Red Light on Unity Street. Look out for a payphone and a graffiti covered door, pick up the phone and cross your fingers that they have a table available (or book ahead). This 1950's decorated cocktail den serves up some of Bristol’s best cocktails and more importantly mixes a mean Martini.

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Part of the Hyde & Co group, The Milk Thistle is another fantastic cocktail bar that transports you away from Bristol and into another time and place where rich mahogany and chesterfields rule. As with every bar they set up, you get the feeling you're in good hands. So let them tell you what you think you'd fancy, kick back in the luxurious setting and enjoy a gin journey.

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If you want to drink gin from the source and experience a proper micro distillery first hand then make your way to St Michaels Hill to Psychopomp Micro-Distillery. This tiny distillery makes local seasonal craft gins on copper pot stills. You can find Psychopomp gins in most of Bristol's great gin joints but if you want to experience it fully then go and drink it in the distillery. The distillers are on hand to serve gin and tonics, martinis and negronis all whilst the stills trickle away in the background. They also host a series of events where you can learn about how gin is made, drink a set menu of gin cocktails at the "Distillers Table" evenings and even make your own gin.

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Chance and Counters at the bottom of Christmas Steps is Bristol's first board game cafe and a great destination if you're looking for a unique gin fueled evening out. Make sure to book ahead as they are often fully booked. They have a team of board game experts who will help you chose a game and figure out the rules, and they make a great gin and tonic. Be warned it's a very difficult place to leave once you're a few gins in and your competitive streak comes out.

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Okay, we're going to call it now - we have got a lot of gin distilleries in Bristol for such a small city. The story of Bristol Distilling Co goes back a few centuries, and they’ve been through quite a few bumps on the road! After initially shutting down in 1940, they came back in better shape than ever 77 years later with their Gin 77 brand. You can visit the distillery and sample their stunning range of spirits - from traditional London Dry Gin to fruity gin liquors, all of which are simply a delight for the palate.

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If you love gin but the modern world of cocktail bars and fancy restaurants isn't your scene then The Green Man is just the solution, a proper pub tucked away in Kingsdown that has over 100 gins on offer. The list is not just large but it is well thought out and is more thriller than filler. They also serve up a great Sunday roast so you can get your fill whilst getting your gin fix.

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Once you've toured the city and drank lots of delicious gin you will probably need to pick up some bottles to have at home, and conveniently Corks of Bristol not only have a great selection and knowledgeable staff they also have three convenient locations, Corks of Cotham, Corks of North Street and Corks of Cargo (in Wapping Wharf).

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Published -5th June 2019