St George's is one of the most revered music venues in Bristol with an eclectic lineup of artists and musicians gracing its beautiful stage over the years. Over 250 live music performances and talks take place each year at St George's, with the instantly recognisable, stunning stone building now becoming synonymous with outstanding musical occasions of the highest quality. Tucked away in a stunning garden just off Park Street, and with a newly renovated entrance to boot, St George's not only looks good, but does good, too. As a charity, the team at St George work hard to bring music and theatre to people who would not usually have access to such events, and each ticket bought goes towards this amazing work. Check out the best upcoming events as handpicked for you by the Wriggle team, all with a special Wriggle discount, too. 

The stunning St George's, standing proudly just off Park Street. 

A bold, versatile and virtuosic ensemble, the unconducted group is built around a core of twelve of London’s finest chamber musicians – all bringing the excitement and creativity of a string quartet to this larger body of players. Reborn, their bold new programme for 2018, explores how the old gives birth to the new: archaic ideas are given strikingly modern relevance through great artists influencing and inspiring one another. Tansy Davies’ brilliant Residuum is a thrilling work for strings inspired by John Dowland’s Lachrimae, the same work on which Britten based his own Lachrimae. In a cross-collaboration with choreographer Alexander Whitley, the ensemble have created a mesmerising film to accompany Woolrich’s Ulysses Awakes, screened behind them as they perform. And to end the programme, one of the greatest works written, Schubert’s Death & the Maiden, arranged here for string orchestra.

An evening of electronic and acoustic music born from a collaboration between Icelandic composer and musician, Valgeir Sigur∂sson, and British violinist, Daniel Pioro. Drawing on the ethos of legendary Icelandic label, Bedroom Community, Valgeir and Daniel perform works from Daniel’s debut album, Dust, as well as exploring the ancient sound world of Biber’s music and its modern counterparts. Joined by very special guests, Jonathan Morton, Charlotte Bonneton, and Clare O’Connell, the evening alternates between unamplified string quartet sounds, solo electronics and all the noises in between.

Loose Tubes flautist and composer Eddie Parker has a life-long passion for the music of Claude Debussy. To celebrate the composer in his centenary year Eddie and the ensemble have created a repertoire which takes Debussy’s music as a starting point and leads our ears on a fascinating journey. This unique new ensemble combines the forces of twelve outstanding jazz and classical performers and features at centre stage the vocal virtuosity of Brigitte Beraha and James Gilchrist. Expect magical sounds and harmonies, exciting rhythms, stunning virtuosity and a new take on this great French composer.

Pianist Zubin Kanga performs innovative works by composers extending the piano with multimedia. Leading German composer, Alexander Schubert’s new work features a website that allows the public to compose the score, just like a Wikipedia article, creating a constantly evolving work that explores internet culture. Get involved at Tristan Coelho combines everyday sounds and visuals from the city with video game-style control in the world premiere of this theatrical, funky work. Claudia Molitor uses film of her own hands, as well as film of Venice and pebbles from Brighton Beach to explore the composer’s role as puppet master. Zubin Kanga uses paper and electronics to create cascades of sound and Adam de la Cour builds on the success of his horror-inspired work Transplant the Movie! with this sequel, riffing off genre tropes of 1980s action and spy movies.

Natacha Atlas’ intoxicating mix of Western and Middle Eastern musical traditions has been captivating audiences since her Transglobal Underground days in the ‘90s. She has been fearlessly opening up new musical territories for decades, collaborating across pop, classical, world music and cinema with the likes of Peter Gabriel, Nigel Kennedy, David Arnold and Talvin Singh. Her 2015 album Myriad Road, produced by Ibrahim Maalouf, was hailed as a game changer in its pioneering marriage of jazz and Arabic vocals. Atlas will be previewing tracks from her CD to be released in Spring 2019 as well as material from Myriad Road and previous albums.

Led by one of the most versatile and exciting vocalists on the UK jazz scene, the all-star contemporary jazz quartet Babelfish craft songs in English, French and Italian into little musical gems. Between them they have played with the great and the good of jazz and have been garnering rave reviews since 2012 for their beautiful musical renderings drawn from an eclectic, multi-lingual songbook.“This remarkable quartet has evolved its own musical language…Unfamiliar at first, but gently seductive, it keeps you listening through the sheer power of invention.” The Observer

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Published -27th September 2018