Spider season is among us, summer is well and truly over, and plastic fangs and copious amounts of blood are about to hit the shelves. Yes that's right people, Halloween is almost here so dust off (or not) your witch's broom, dig out your face paint and get ready to haunt it hunny. 

Whether you're looking for a spook-tacular event, friendly feasts or prinks, here's the best places to creep it real in Brighton.

Come over to Bird & Blend and celebrate Halloween in the wickedest of ways! You'll learn the art of mixology: you'll be making magic potions for the spookiest night of the year. The night will start off with a tea tasting where you'll sample a range of 5 different teas, learning all about it and getting insights from the Bird & Blend team - they know what they're talking about! After that you'll take part in a cocktail making session: you'll get to pick 2 cocktails from a selection of 3, and learn to make the concentrate yourself - both boozy and virgin cocktails will be available. And then, you'll get to make your own Halloween-themed chai blend as you sip your cocktails - you'll get a 20g pouch of your very own blend to take home and enjoy. Make the most of the Halloween spirit and come dressed up - the best costume will win a prize!

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Get ready to take on the challenge of Handmade Mysteries’ latest city adventure game, Operation Mindfall. Using a range of whizzy technology and gadgets, this 2-hour outdoor immersive experience lets you indulge that James Bond fantasy as you and your team of covert operatives must unlock clues hidden around the city. This pulse raising street game combines the best elements of Handmade Mysteries' twisted escape rooms with a classic treasure hunt, as you explore and discover some of the most interesting areas in Brighton. Will you be able to find the anti-virus in time to save the world?

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Cocktails are great: they’re boozy, tasty, and most of all superb social drinks. You know what’s even better than one single cocktail? A giant sharing cocktail, perfect to sip on with your best mates. Wriggle over to The Lost Gardens of Mrs Fitz, the rooftop terrace upstairs at the eponymous pub, sit back in your cushioned seat and enjoy. You and your friends will get to choose between three sharing cocktail options. Each cocktail serves up to four people, but you can totally share it with fewer people, whatever floats your boat, friend.

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Unveil your inner Bonnie and Clyde by robbing one of Brighton’s oldest bank vaults. Will you be able to rob the vault of the world-renowned arms dealer, Charles Fawkley? Find out by heading to Escape The Vault by having an adventurous and one of a kind escape room experience. Assemble your group of bandits to a maximum of 4 people, or go on a solo mission if you feel brave enough. You'll have 40 minutes to get out before the boys in blue arrive. Don't worry, Terrance is your getaway driver and is there to help you if you need it – you'll be given his number in advance. So, do you have what it takes?

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Head over to one of Brighton’s best-loved bars and sip on some artisan cocktails courtesy of Merkaba. They're offering you and your lucky partner 4x cocktails and 2x glasses of prosecco - the perfect introduction to Merkaba. Start with a glass of bubbles each, then allow the expert bartenders to take you on a tastebud adventure with two cocktails each. The friendly team are waiting, excited to find out your favourite, or maybe share a few of theirs.

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We all love this tasty gourmet fried chicken and vegan faux chicken restaurant sat on the corner of East Street. For this Wriggle in particular we seriously hope you and a mate are hungry! You'll be tucking into 2x Starters, 2x Burgers, 2x Sides and 2x Drinks if you can fit it all in!

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Got a hankering for a moreish Mexican burrito and a cheeky beer? Then this one's for you. Wriggle on over to the epic Carlito Burrito and grab yourself any 12" Burrito and a bottle of Mexican craft beer for that refreshing feeling. The deliciously soft burritos are served up in a toasted flour tortilla wrap, filled with refried pinto beans, Mexican red rice, fresh pico de gallo salsa, crispy lettuce, house ranchera sauce and chipotle filling.

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One thing's for sure: the team at The Golden Pineapple on Ship Street know how to make a mean cocktail. Grab your best drinking pal, and seize the chance to sample a few. With this Wriggle, you'll be sipping away on any two of the boozy beauties from their menu.

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Spice up your evening today with this tantalisingly good Wriggle, courtesy of the lovely gang over at the oh-so-sophisticated, effortlessly stylish pub-come-restaurant The Walrus. With this Wriggle, you'll be sitting down to a seriously indulgent dinnertime treat. Choose any main course from their fabulous menu, and accompany it with any drink – soft or boozy. The main courses are seasonal, vibrant, and utterly mouthwatering.

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Published -25th October 2019