There is something tantalising and tasty for every hungry stomach in Brighton. It’s a city that loves good value and reasonable prices are at the core of every establishment. This is music to our food-filled ears because we sure do love a bargain at Wriggle. So to save you from walking the streets, staring longingly into shop windows, we’ve devised a list of some of the best delicious deals for £5 or under. Bon Appétit! 

Forget everything you think you know about tacos though – these ones are next level. Utilising the finest quality – and a few lesser-known – ingredients, the Wolfsmouth boys make seriously decadent flavour combinations that are singing with flavour. This menu focusses on veggie and vegan fare, so expect to see some old favourites: Mushroom: tempura enoki, peanut miso, kohlrabi (vegan) & Melon: smoked watermelon, whipped feta, olive, cucumber (vegetarian); alongside a few brand new options! Choose any of the beautiful hand-pressed corn tacos as well as a bottle of Lazy Lizard IPA, Lazy Lizard APA or a schooner of Budvar to wash it down wish – what could be better?

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Wriggle your way up to Lavash and dive into a seriously delicious Middle Eastern wrap. Choose from the following mouthwatering options: The vegan cigkofte: delicious veggie kofta wrap with fine bulgar wheat, chilli and vibrant fresh herbs, The veggie falafel and tzatsiki: a classic Middle Eastern combination that is as tasty as it is satisfying, The veggie falafel, hummus and roasted pepper: a flavour-packed twist on the classic falafel filling, The lahmajouan: a spicy lamb mince filling with fresh vegetables and herbs. All of the wraps come with rocket, red cabbage and fresh onion, and make for a properly satisfying, filling early dinner – ideal for grabbing on the way home from work or uni when you can't be bothered to cook but are in need of something nourishing and delicious.

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Ditch the plastic-coated misery of a supermarket meal deal this lunchtime, and instead Wriggle over to the brilliant Fountain Head for a genuinely delicious treat. With this Wriggle, you'll choose one of the Fountain Head's special sarnies – big, beautiful and packed to bursting with delicious, seasonal fillings, these sarnies are not to be trifled with. They're also served up with a portion of twice-cooked chips or Side Salad – just perfect.


Grab one of the famous takeaway boxes from our friends down at Foodilic. Choose between chicken salad, coq au vin, beef and pork bourguignon and a range of delicious salads. You won't be disappointed!

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So you've snuck out of the office an hour early – or perhaps your *oh-so-generous* boss has decided to treat the office to a round of drinks, but where to go? Well, Wrigglers, Bison Beer, Hove is the answer to all your after-work-woes. With this Wriggle, you'll get a cheeky schooner of Bison Beer – the perfect way to kickstart your evening. The usual choice is their excellent See Side IPA – crisp, refreshing and tasty as heck it's the ideal brew, but you can have any of Bison Beer's draughts with this Wriggle. PS – because we're so good to you, you can even nab yourself this little beauty for the weekends, too.


Wriggle your way over to the beautiful and bountiful Larder, and nab yourself a feast that's as delicious as it is nutritious. With this Wriggle, you'll dive into a vibrant, colourful and tasty buddha bowl. Bursting with delicious, healthy produce and salads, these are the perfect way to fill your belly and satisfy your hunger. Regularly changing toppings including quinoa stuffed pepper with mixed leaves, sun-blushed tomatoes & crispy chickpeas, butternut squash jambalaya with cajun kidney beans, raw veggies, chunky hummus and seeds. You'll also enjoy either a soft drink (cans or bottoled water) or a coffee. Yum!

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Wriggle your way over to Bagelman, Duke Street this morning and treat yourself to this indulgent breakfast bagel with any Small Batch coffee. You'll be grabbing a delicious breakfast bagel – complete with your choice of three fillings – choose between: Bacon, Pork sausage, Veggie sausage, Hash browns, Mushrooms or Omelette. What better way to start your morning!

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Wriggle your way over to the beautifully picturesque little idyll that is Down to Earth Coffee, and treat yourself to this delicious AND nutritious smoothie. With this Wriggle, you'll choose any of the following smoothies – all of them are packed with tasty and nutritious ingredients that'll give you a boost and get you set up nicely for the day: Beetroot, berry pear and ginger, Mango, Passionfruit and turmeric or Spinach, apple and banana.

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Back by popular demand! The Dutch Sandwich Meal Deal courtesy of Eten + Drinken. Includes any of the delicious sandwiches on offer including the popular 'Amsterdam' with Chicken, Bacon, Avocado and Rocket or the 'Uitsmijter' including Ham, Fried Egg, Gouda & Rocket. It's not all meat though, veggies are well catered for with favourites such as the 'Leiden' with Halloumi, Tomato, Rocket & Mayo or the 'Haarlem' repping Hummus, Avocado, Tomato & Cucumber. If you don't fancy going dutch, there are other options available too such as the New York or Golden Reign. Grab a packet of crisps to nibble on and a can of soft drink or bottle of water to wash it all down with.

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Wriggle your way over to the enigmatic BLOCK. today and treat yourself to a slap-up lunchtime feed. With this Wriggle, you'll choose any Artisan French stick sandwich – beautiful, big sandwiches filled with house wood-smoked and charcoal roasted meat and veg, butcher's style. Then choose any soft drink from a wide range, and that's your lunch sorted!


Wriggle your way over to our new favourite lunch spot in town, Bus Stop, and treat yourself to this dreamy lunchbox selection box. You'll be tucking into two pieces of their bajan fried chicken – perfectly seasoned crispy fried chicken served with pickled cucumber and a choice of two sides – and totally addictive. You'll also enjoy a slice of their super indulgent macaroni cheese pie, and a good portion of their freshly made 'slaw. It's the perfect amount for a lunchtime feast – and packs a serious flavour punch, too!


Grab yourself a box full of Summer salad goodness from our friends down at Café Trafé. Bursting with flavour, colour and it's amazing value to boot. Pair this super fresh and healthy bite with a refreshing Iced Tea and Lemon, Iced Coffee with Vanilla or Caramel or a homemade Iced Mocktail Summer Cooler. For the coolers, choose between Raspberries, mint and cucumber & peach, lime and rosemary. Both served with sparkling water or lemonade.

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Pick up an after work treat from Glazed Coffee - Two of their famed glazed, vegan donuts. Their awesome toppings and glazes change all the time, but some Wriggle favourites have been the: Cinnamon sugar; Peanut butter & jelly; Vegan Nutella & coconut; Lemon and poppy seed. Go on... Treat. Yo. Self!

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Anyone who's walked along Gardner Street in recent years will recognise the heavenly array of salads of display in the window. All of the delicious salads on offer are veggie (most are actually vegan), and lots are gluten free as well. The super friendly Hells Kitchen staff will build you a large salad box pick 'n' mix style with up to six different salads in! The wonderful options change all the time, but expect to see potato salads, celeriac remoulade, roasted pasta salads, slaws and coronation chickpeas making an appearance. A cracking portion of wholesome food to keep you going through the afternoon.

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Sometimes during an evening of drinking, you come to a crossroads. You've had a few drinks, you're getting a bit sleepy, and thoughts of your comfy bed come looming into your head. Do you call it a night now and head home, or do you listen to the other little voice in your head, whispering "one more drink...." Well, Wriggler, it's our duty to tell you to listen to that voice. Head over to the legendary Brighton Bierhaus for one last drink – just don't hold us responsible for your sore head in the morning. With this Wriggle, then, you'll be sipping on a deliciously refreshing negroni – one of the most sophisticated cocktails around, these bad boys are sure to keep your night going. A heady blend of Campari, gin and vermouth with a twist of orange, negronis are strong, feisty, and tasty as hell.

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A firm Wriggle favourite here. Pick up either a whole falafel pitta from the friendly bunch at Smorl's or a Houmous Salad Box, both packed with fresh houmous, falafel and salad goodness. The whole freshly baked pitta pocket is lined with Smorl’s Original Houmous, filled with Smorl’s freshly fried falafel (2), green salad and chive, crunchy pickled cabbage, fresh vine tomato, almond tapenade, coconut chutney vegan yoghurt, tahini and lemon dressing, chilli and lime dressing, finished with organic tamari sunflower seeds. The falafel & houmous salad is made up of Smorl’s freshly fried Falafels (2) and Smorl’s Original Houmous surrounded by green salad and chive, beetroot and carrot slaw, pearl barley and cashew tabbouleh, quinoa and puy lentil grain, roast Mediterranean vegetables, cinnamon squash, almond tapenade, beetroot caviar, roast cauliflower hazelnut & pomegranate salad, mint and cucumber tzatziki, tahini and lemon dressing, chilli and lime dressing, finished with organic tamari sunflower seeds.


When it comes to fast food, vegetarians and vegans tend to get a bit of a raw deal. Fortunately, FilFil brings delicious, easy cuisine from the Middle East to our doorstep, sitting right in the heart of the North Laine. Owner Amal grew up in Palestine and uses a traditional Israeli recipe handed down through generations for the falafel that dominates the menu - celebrating the best quick meals the Levant has to offer. Expect more hummus than you can handle, more than enough falafel to fill you up and boundless baba ghanoush and baklava. Drop in on a weekend stroll through town, or refuel after a busy day out shopping – you’ll be more than welcome.

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Wriggle on down to Oliver's Brighton on Trafalgar Street with this Wriggle, and you'll have flying towards you 1x Harry Potter Chocolate Frog & 1 pack of Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans! Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans are exactly what they say on the tin - gourmet jelly beans that come in up to 20 flavours. These range from the delicious to the disgusting, including marshmallow, tutti-frutti, grass, soap, earwax! There is a bean flavour menu but the daring amongst you will go in blind. The Chocolate Frog, whilst we can't guarantee it'll hop out of the packet and into your mouth, we can assure they are are a delicious frog-shaped confection of solid, chunky milk chocolate. You'll also find a magic Wizarding card inside, to start your collection off.

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Nothing quite says "treat yo' self" than a cream tea, but we don't always like to share. Metrodeco therefore serve their teas for one, no scrambling for the last of the teapot here! You will enjoy two fresh scones, jam, clotted cream and no question about which comes first. You can also choose any tea from their extensive tea menu!

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Published -18th September 2018