You've chosen Brighton as your city of choice to study in, trust us, you made the right decision you lucky thang. This weird and wonderful city is quite probably the most eccentric, diverse and creative city in the UK. Bold claim right, and we might be slightly biased, but just wait til you uncover all the uniquely brilliant things Brighton has to offer. 

We're local experts on what's hot and what's not, so we've created the ultimate guide for you to make the most of your student days here. Whether you're a foodie, music lover, pub quizzer or enthusiastic cyclist, we've got some awesome top tips for you and a lot of them are free. Bienvenue chez Brighton freshers!

To save you from walking the streets, staring longingly into shop windows, we’ve devised a list of some of the best delicious deals for £10 or under. Bon Appétit!

Wriggle's best drinks deals for you to get merry with your nearest and dearest. Salut Brighton!

Whether you’re looking for savings on eats, travel, apparel or things to do, there’s an app for that.

In the mood to let loose, sink a few tequilas and shake that thing your mumma gave you? Here’s the biggest and best indie clubs to hit up in Brighton town.

If your loan has dried up and your wallet is feeling a little light, not to fear, Wriggle are here. And we’ve got a ton of awesome things for you to do in Brighton without spending a penny, nope not a single dime. Enjoy friendos. 

If there’s something Brighton isn't short of it's booty shaking, mosh pit quaking, hardcore raving, live music venues. Here's our pick of the best. 

We've winkled out the best and brightest pub quizzes in Brighton, so you lot can save your thinking caps for that all-important answer sheet…

Ignore that saintly inner voice that tells you to avoid carbs and indulge, because we have some killer vegan junk food options for you in Brighton.

We devoured the burgers in Brighton and - eventually - picked our absolute favourites that you must try.

Along with the rest of the world, Brighton loves pizza. In fact, pizza is served everywhere in the city. We reveal the places promising to serve perfect pizza, every time.

Brighton is made for Brunch and there are tempting options all over the city, so here are just a few favourites and why we love them.

There’s so much to shout about in Brighton & Hove, it can be difficult to know just where to start. Just as well, then, that we’ve compiled a definitive guide to make sure you don’t miss the best of it.

As the undisputed home of creatives (okay, we may have made that up - but there are a lot of artists in the city), Brighton & Hove is brimming with galleries displaying some of the best independent art in the region.

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Published -23rd September 2019