Flat whites and fluffy cupcakes are two things made for Instagram. Other favourites are doughnuts, sushi and (that serial Insta-offender), avocado toast. 

Brighton serves more coffee than anywhere in the UK, avocado-topped brunches are consumed by the bucket load, and sushimania is still sweeping across the city. 

It seems the Brighton food scene is made for Instagram - just take a look below! Feast your eyes on and devour our hand-picked favourite snaps posted throughout January.

Beautiful bowl of mixed dressed salad and cumin crackers with turmeric at You Juice

Oozy, cheesy chicken and chorizo melt with a creamy flat white from Flour Pot Bakery

Perfect pizza textures of a homemade sourdough, topped with olives, mushroom and crispy ham

Fresh fusion sushi with latin flavours and tempura textures at Tropical Sushi 

Marinated mackerel on a bed of colour served at The Set

Smoking espresso martini by the talented team behind Bohemia 

It seems Six scoops up Brighton's best sundae, topped with twirls and a macaroon

Two prime patties from Trollburger, smothered with bacon-fried onions, lager mustard and kale in a tasted brioche bun 

Published -10th February 2017