We’re excited to announce the launch of our new BYO Lunchbox campaign – part of our big to tackle plastic pollution in the food and drink industry.

So what exactly is the BYO Lunchbox Campaign?

We want to aid the ban on single-use plastics and we need the support of local businesses and residents like you. The BYO Lunchbox scheme encourages customers to bring along their own lunch boxes to local eateries in Brighton, cutting down on single-use takeaway packaging.

All participating venues accept your own containers (think of this as the perfect time to put that Tupperware you’ve accumulated over lockdown to good use), but we’re also releasing a limited edition eco-friendly Wriggle lunchbox that you can purchase with food and drink through the Wriggle app. These exclusive lunchboxes are completely BPA free, food safe and made from organic bamboo – plus, we think they look absolutely stunning!

Who’s taking part?

From Carlito Burrito to Halisco, a whole host of our favourite independent eateries have joined the BYO campaign and will be accepting container refills. They can all be found on our handy BYO lunchbox map, helping you to navigate to the nearest lunchbox refill spot.

Over the next month, participating venues are also running exclusive offers through the Wriggle app, and you can even add a Wriggle lunchbox to your order which will be yours to keep. This means you can rock up and collect your takeaway lunch in a brand new reusable lunchbox with ease.

To check out what lunchtime offers are available right now, click here.

Why do we want to reduce single-use packaging?

Single use is a complete pain for the planet. Every year, around 300 million tonnes of plastic waste is produced globally with 79% of this waste accumulating in landfills, dumps or the natural environment. Studies predict that if these current trends continue, oceans could contain more plastic than fish by 2050.

Recent research states that the UK alone uses an estimated five million tonnes of plastic every year. It is estimated that only 31% of plastic waste is currently recycled, resulting in the majority of plastics heading to landfill or incineration.

What can I do to be more environmentally friendly?

A lot of things need to change to minimise the impact plastic waste is having on the environment. From improving waste management processes to increase the amount of plastic we recycle, to increasing the emphasis placed on producer responsibility to reduce the amount of single use plastics that are being made, this is a huge issue that needs to gain everyone’s attention.

But we strongly believe that simple actions like taking your own lunchbox to a cafe is a great way of eliminating the use of unnecessary plastics in our daily routine. And with 75% of the British public buying lunch out each day, switching to a reusable lunchbox can have a big impact.

Alongside the BYO campaign, there are also some fantastic local projects we recommend getting involved with, such as Refill Brighton  and the BYO Coffee Cup Scheme – two pioneering campaigns calling for us to reuse rather than opting for single-user containers. Brighton also has a wealth of zero waste shops (such as Hisbe and Wastenot) that are changing the way we shop and how we view packaging.


Help us shape positive habits across Brighton and reduce plastic pollution by visiting participating venues and supporting the BYO lunchbox campaign. 

Published -5th May 2021