Going green is easier than you think, there are some small things you can do to start living a more sustainable lifestyle. From switching to reusable bottles to taking along your own container for takeaway food, these are some of the best Instagram accounts to follow in Brighton for daily eco inspo. 

An online shop that encourages a life with less waste. Ashley’s Instagram is full of green products and tips and tricks for living a more sustainable life. Check out her insta stories for Q&A’s about some of her favourite products.

Full of tips and tricks on where to buy sustainable products in Brighton & Hove. From where to buy plastic-free razors to plastic-free veg boxes, this account has you covered for the city’s most ethical choices.

Gem is qualified in plant-based nutrition and her passion for healthy and delicious food led her to create her own bespoke vegan food delivery service, as well as cooking classes and pop-up events. Her business runs plastic-free so follow her for great, eco friendly foodie tips.

Jo & Dani have created the essential DIY household guide for toxic-free and eco-friendly cleaning.

They create green cleaning kits with fully guided instructions on how to start cleaning your home with zero amounts of waste.   

So Greggo is an etsy shop owner that shares practical zero waste ideas. On her shop you’ll find reusable alternatives and upcycled bits and bobs to create an eco friendly lifestyle. And her blog is packed with useful advice and recommendations for becoming more planet conscious.

Lucy’s feed is full of beautifully composed imagery but there’s an important message behind the beauty. She creates content for ethically-conscious women, tips to live a more sustainable life – whether that’s by making the transition to a vegan diet or adopting other low impact lifestyle choices (or perhaps both!).

Founder of City Girl Network, Pippa Moyle is a self confessed eco warrior, raging war against plastic pollution. Last year she created a campaign called Trash Talk to address the amount of single-use packaging we use in our daily lives, and think about ways we can redesign these products in order for both consumer and producer to be content. Keep an eye on her account for ways you can involved.

Feel good, fun-filled fabulous photography. Carrie’s Instagram is a visual representation of how she she sees the world and all the joys within in. Check out her Low Waste Story tips for little changes she’s making to her everyday lifestyle and you might just be inspired to do the same.

Charlie is a green travel blogger currently residing in Brighton. She travels with her boyfriend, Luke, and together they write about sustainable travel. This includes house sitting, eating and independent restaurants, being veggie, eco-friendly accommodation and responsible travel choices.

Jo and her partner document their zero waste journey whilst sharing all the trials tribulations of trying to achieve a low impact life. From eco-friendly moving options to plastic-free spaghetti, you’re sure to pick up some easy, practical planet friendly tips.

Just a gal and her pooch, Ashley documents her, her husbands (and the doggos) journey to a low impact life in a most adorable way. She regularly updates on her vegan diet, charity shop finds and ethical purchases. A non-preachy, super cute Instagram account to follow for sustainable lifestyle tips.

Published -20th February 2019