Ever wondered why folk who live around these parts look so damn good all the time?

It’s nowt to do with laying off the booze, that’s for sure. 

Nope, in fact Brighton is blessed with the healthiest dining spots around. Not just the vegan places – they obviously rule – but it’s our hood’s magic formula of high-end ingredients and a willingness by chefs to be bold, clever and… basically not just smother everything in salt and whack it in the fryer.

Let’s get stuck in to Brighton’s tastiest sit-down treats…

Indie plant-based joint Larder didn’t start out vegan. They just gave it a whirl for a month early last year, smashed it, and never looked back. Tear into their flavoursome signature chilli, wholesome brunch or mouthwatering buddha bowl, washed down with a thoughtfully curated juice selection. Yeah.

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Hands down the healthiest-slash-best-value-for-money sit down lunch in Brighton, the lush greens, crisp haricots and plump haricots and tartly-seasoned cous cous at this agreeably hippyish high street buffet spot will make you feel young and spry, while the home-made juice selection will put the spring back in your step.

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They’re all about the coffee at this leafy inviting spot – third wave, New Zealand Allpress all the way, since you ask, and if you do feel like asking those kindly, easy-on-the-eye lads and ladies behind the counter will explain every detail from bean to fancy hemp milk. And they do snacks, veggie obvs, and noodle veg boxes to go.

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Discreet corner sandwich spot that’s wildly popular with locals, boasting top-notch coffee and salad boxes for when you’re being all keen and laying off the carbs. Shout out to the vegan wellington, mushroom toast, goody-goody ‘cheese’ and keenly prices lunches. And their adorable little dog, obvs.

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Superior salads, formidable falafel and hands-down the best humous in Brighton. Get your fill of goody-goody grains and delicious dips at their tucked-away indoor market spot, and don’t worry about the name – Smorl’s portions are anything but, you guessed it, small.

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Out in the hinterland of health-conscious Hove you’ll find this rustic-interiored gem. Gaze out on the eye-catching architecture of Palmeira Square and nosh on a waffle, poached egg or light baked treat, washed down with a selection of teas of juices. Pro tip: the strawberry Earl Grey is quite revelatory.

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Healthy street food from a joint that likes animals, so does its best not to hurt them. Vegan baked mocha and banana cake gives you a flavour for the treats, while the giant philly cheezesteak sub is as gooey and moreish as the real thing. And as for the ‘bacon’ mac ’n’ cheeze, well, head down to Churchill Square and have a yummy bash for yourself.

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Sushi burritos – totally a thing! Get a load of the colourful, flavoursome selection at this central spot, who by the way won an award for festival catering last year. So much to try, but have a bash at popcorn cauliflower, beet and basil satay, rainbow roll with carrot and coconut sauce, or quick and naughty tofu rice pocket. Nom.

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Swing by The Admiral boozer for ingenious, gorgeously presented vegan, gluten-and-sugar free bakes or mezze plates. Worth the trip for the ‘faux gras paté’ (see what she did there?) alone, the cheezy polenta fries and antipasti selection are the perfect pairing with a well-earned pint. And again, look at the cakes – they’re nowt short of marvellous.

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Hankering for pasta in a hurry? This one-of-a-kind streetfood spot just opposite the clock tower have pulled off the rare trick of making Italian food a grab-and-go affair. Seriously – ever tried to make pasta this good to go in minutes? All this with zero compromise on flavour, and an ever cheerful welcome in a stylish industrial chic modern space.

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This innovative concept eatery isn’t only the first zero-waste restaurant in the country. Well, it is. But as well as that they keep it healthsome using whatever flora is in season on the Sussex Downs that week. They literally don’t waste a scrap, and neither will you with Babbington Leek, Jerusalem artichokes and (get this) ’Sunflower Seed Ice Cream.’

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When you hear ‘gluten-free’ and ‘breakfast’ do you instantly think ‘ugh, so you mean yoghurt and fruit then’? Nah mate, that’s not the idea at Iydea. When you need a hangover-crushing fry-up in your life, pronto, swing by this smiley indie cafe in North Laine and stuff your face full of gut-friendly goodness.

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Forget that it’s healthy for a moment – Moshimo is one of the classiest restaurants of any sort in Brighton. Bowls of sticky, fleshy, umami fabulousness meander about the plush seating and low tables, all of it impeccably sourced and whipped up right in front of your lovely eyes. Date night perfection, that won’t savage your waistline.

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Well worth a wander out to Hove for. Or a jog, come to think of it – in your running gear you’ll fit right in at this health-focussed brunch spot and juice bar. The byword here is ‘clean’ with zero processed, everything protein balanced, gluten free, raw-leaning and superfood ready. Set. Go….

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Published -16th July 2018